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yo it's still me flex who is still winning (obviously)
I don't know if it's mandatory to post his win since sw doesn't do it but I'll do it anyway I just wanted to thank the tds who made this decision (I know not all of you are concerned) for wasting my time with this stupid decision but it amused me a bit so it's already better than nothing and I was able to put the fraud that is sw in his place which was my only objective during this tb and it's also those why I accepted this stupid tb without defending myself.
Oh and sw you should learn to say gg even when you lose, it's not good to be a bad loser my boy ^^
That being said, we'll see you guys in po
tace you are much stronger when you play real team, gl for cycle 4 ^^
So I'll end with these words "This user shouldn't even be playing a tie-break. Easiest wins of your life tace and borja, good luck boys."


S/o SoulWind for trying to stop me ( and for having failed)

S/o Tace for the participation

S/o Pheo' for allowing me to do this training which was rather simple
I know that not much should be expected from you given the displayed behaviour but at least you could learn to link the replays properly mate


formerly Pierrick
I wouldn't have acted like this if the tds had been impartial, you only look on the wrong side when it's your fault (I'm talking about tds in general), you just have to take responsibility for your decision that's all but good ofc it's always easier to criticize when you're wrong ^^

This is the team I used for 95% of my run - early ladder I was testing out a bunch of different teams, although this is the only team I used above 1600. I actually used this all the way back in WCOP R1, but with kartana over magnezone. I made the change because magnezone + physical breakers is always going to be busted, and the team struggled getting past corviknight before. Team has great matchup vs most things on the ladder, except for rain and hail. Both of those are winnable, but normally rely on the opponent not playing optimally (which you can expect on ladder) or getting lucky. Gking + moistshifu is also insane rn and basically smacks any defensive team, I recently changed to modest gking > calm and the difference in power is extremely noticeable.. Overall the cycle was fairly stress-free using and I wish good luck to everyone trying to qualify next cycle!
So there were 3 teams I used for the vast majority of my games this cycle, which I will be posting. There were some other teams I used in some games here and there but I'll just discuss my main teams. I will post the teams in order of how much I used them in high ladder and how effective they were.


This was my main qualifying team in the final days and it performed extremely well in top ladder range. It was my main team for 1900+. The team has double trick in gengar and clefable, and it was largely built around this gengar set, which I believe is very underrated. Against defensive teams, gengar can trick away its scarf early, then plot into attack later in the game. And against offensive teams, I was able to win many games by weakening the opponent's team into scarf gengar range. It's also important to note that scarf gengar outspeeds +2 cloyster. The landorus set is one I've been using for a long time now and I find it to be very strong at breaking.


This was my second main qualifying team, it won me many games and its honestly just very fun to use. The only thing I wanna highlight is the victini set, which has blue flare, a tech I came up with that I find very useful in many situations such as against iron defense corvinight.


I didn't really use this team too much past 1900 but it was very effective in a lot of games and helped me get up to 1900. It was built around calm mind tapu koko. The assurance band tar helped in many games and it paired well with future sight and hazards, in addition to checking blacephalon whenever I happened to face that. One set I want to highlight here is the trick + toxic max special defense clef with sticky barb, which is a tech I came up with months ago and has been very useful for me. It can often get a toxic on threats like volcarona for example.

All in all, I tried to just have fun with the game mainly using teams that I made, and I was able to qualify using zero games of any cheese style. Shoutouts to Devin for his unique take on offense as always, and especially for telling me that I definitely should not get another game when it was clear that I was in a good position. And also shoutouts to Acey2B for being a great building partner for months now. I made these 3 teams myself but Acey has made many other teams with me and has made many ev spreads for me. Good luck to cycle 4 participants!
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