The OU Divisional Season (Round 2) [Accepting Substitutes!]

to see I do not go much to discord I leave you my schedules and you lost a week you came and you told me to look for you in the main and in the discord and you did not leave me your schedules and now you come to claim?
both rounds lasted more than 2 weeks and there's 7 more to go before 5 more weeks of playoffs, this is a hassle. sorry but dropping out too because I don't want to play this tournament during june
round robin tours never work properly, subbing in people is always controversial and the groups are too large. a suggestion would be to make smaller groups of 5 or so instead of 10, halve the people who make it to the playoffs and have a set 2-3 weeks for people to play ALL their games, not 1 person per week for a round robin

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please read everything.

i'm taking this over. no reason to wait for 2 months to even decide this round-robin stuff. i'm going to give the round-robin portion of this tournament 3 weeks to get your 9 games in. This period may extend by a week depending on the activity after learning there's 10 people in a bracket. You have been warned! Get your games in and be timely about it. Any activity-based decision from Round 1 is nullified and judgment will be decided at the end of this period because that's 1 game when you can fit potentially 8 others. Since it is unclear how the scores matter in the OP, I will only be looking at your overall record. Head-to-head will not matter in tiebreaks. Round-robin tiebreak with everyone involved for the spot that matters. Top 2 people in each division will advance to a 16-person single-elimination playoff.

Any subs will be taking the record of whoever they're subbing in for. If I cannot find enough subs, that spot will turn into a 'bye' for everyone in that group regardless of that individual's record. I don't care if you lost to a 'bye' because the competition at this stage is getting to top people of a division. I understand some groups will have uneven difficulty with this decision but for most of the competitors, you're still playing a lot of games to even try to advance.

i understand if people don't want to continue playing this so i'm tagging all of you to let me know what your decision is.
  • If you do not want to continue tag me Steven Snype to say 'no sub me out of this farce'
  • Similarly if you'd like to sub for this, tag me Steven Snype with 'i want to sub.'
  • If you haven't been logged onto the forums for a week, I'm assuming you have no interest in continuing this tournament and will be subbed out.
  • If you still want to play, just like this post or something.
I am unable to answer any questions about your records because I have not collected the records yet but will do so soon.

Here's a mass tag to get your attention and I am basing the tags off of whoever is in round 2 rather than whoever is listed in the screenshots to account for whoever's subbed out so sorry if I missed you.

To Sub Out:
  • Finchinator
  • Hassin627
  • teal6
  • Exploudit
  • FMG
  • Indigo Plateau

To Sub In:
  • WhiteQueen
  • Zaker

Current Round Robin Deadline: February 18th 2018 8:00 PM EST (GMT -5). If you have any questions, feel free to PM / VM / discord me (notverykakky#9304)
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