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Resource The OU Quality Control Team

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The Quality Control (QC) Team
The Quality Control team is responsible to ensure every OU analysis is up to the high standards Smogon expects for its content. These analyses are being viewed by thousands of individuals across the world, so a high standard of quality is necessary.

If the QC team does not think your analysis is up to on-site standards, they have the right to reassign or reject it. Make sure you familiarize yourself with C&C standards if you wish to prevent this from being the case.

The OU QC Team:
GMars Co-Leader
Leo Co-Leader

Indigo Plateau

Past QC Members:
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With ULTRA SUMO coming up soon and with a lot of activity dying down within the QC team due to people unexpectedly leaving and faggotry, we will be looking out for a few more people to add to our team so ULTRA SUMO doesn't turn out to be a clusterfuck of unchecked analysis. With that being said, we'd like to welcome Leo to the team! He's been an amazing contributor throughout most of SM, in both the OU forums and OU C&C. He is a role model poster with great meta knowledge and will be an excellent addition to the team. Hopefully this is motivation for more people to step up their game and potentially be invited to join OU QC as well, although keep in mind none of us are ABR so anything we say could potentially be uneducated bop dash OUTL.
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