The Player: Issue 10 released!

Who do you want to see interviewed?

  • antemortem

    Votes: 32 13.4%
  • Blitzamirin

    Votes: 35 14.7%
  • Imanalt

    Votes: 45 18.9%
  • sirDonovan

    Votes: 77 32.4%
  • Timbuktu

    Votes: 17 7.1%
  • Electrolyte

    Votes: 32 13.4%

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The last ten issues of this webzine have been an absolute blast to put together! Finally, though, after many months at the helm, I'm handing over full control to antemortem and the rest of the staff, who I'm sure will do a superb job. It has been wonderful to see a media project flourish like this from start to the future, and I look forward to seeing what's in store. This issue, I also decided to write an article (hopefully not too badly) about starting The Player up and how myself and Scene got it going — I hope you enjoy it at least a little!

Although I'm leaving The Player, you'll still catch me around on PS and Smogon, probably more than before. Have a good read of issue 10!

~antemortem, Spydreigon, Vacate


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also good work with the issue guys! I enjoyed the interview (and the flavor was absolute gold, exactly like the "Novaray" I know :])

thnx i made it myself
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Thanks for your help with absolutely everything Vacate! Without you, I don't think The Player could have got anywhere near the first release. I wish you well for the future, even though I'm sure I'll end up speaking to you again at some point.

This is by far my favorite issue so far- there have been some excellent reads! Keep up the good work guys!


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Another great issue, guys! readers, make sure to check out my dank articles that were published this issue!
thanks for all your hard work in managing the zine, Vacate. sad to see you go :(


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That cover art :D

This issue has some really nice articles, glad I was able to help out with more than one this time around ^^


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aye, huge thanks to Bummer for the amazing cover art - the guy got it done in under a couple of hours, too!

you guys are all gr8 (also vote Electrolyte)
rip vacate, come back soon pls :(

wasn't really around for this issue so might give the articles a read, do plan to be around more though


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Great issue yet again! I really enjoyed FX' lobby guide and Xzerns meme guide. Very entertaining for sure.

Sad to see you go Vacate, you seemed to be the most approachable member of the player squad. Thanks for everything you did for us and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors. Take care.
wait wait wait

how does imanalt NOT have the most votes wtf

edit: mambo you already whored likes once in this thread,,,
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'Out of the blue, I took a huge sip of Sweep's drink. Ugh; Cola, almost as bad as the tier he plays.'
great flavour text in the interview

Zarel: man
Zarel: that just sounds like a PUA magazine name
Zarel: "10 tips for picking up women"
Zarel: "drugs that will knock her out cold"
Zarel: "'no' means 'yes' if you ask enough times"

I hope those are real logs. :>

Vacate edit: they certainly are!

In the meantime, don't get all lovey-dovey with each other on Showdown. Get a room. And not a chatroom. An actual room."

... on my own server I have a room for this purpose just for me + my girlfriend,,,,,

9+10 is out of date already I asked in the lobby last time I was in there and I got one person who said 19 and I got muted by asdgf.

also where is the dank doubles memes

Everbody wants to read an article about dolphins, strip randbats, and Mr. Duck.
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My name is spelt wrong in the hover thingy, other than that awesome work!

SpyEdit: Fixed
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anyway yeah more entertaining issue than usual, definitely a couple of good reads ^.^ only a couple of articles before had really been that interesting to me (intro to old gens cos it's my home and the studio had great music)
(super late comment)

y'all forgot to include Layell's promotion to mods in recent news D:< please update it! I updated it :D ~Quarkz

That said, congrats on ten issues and I agree that the articles felt really solid this time around. I especially enjoyed "origins" and "ask the admins"!
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It looks like the poll belongs to sirDonovan this time around, congrats to him!

We're gonna be trying something different with this Staff Interview. Of course, we'll be asking sirDonovan the usual questions we normally include, but now we would like to get some questions from you guys to ask them as well, to see what interests the community about the specific user.

If you would like to ask sirDonovan a question to be considered for the next interview, please just post in this thread with any questions you want to see answered. These questions can cover any topic you'd like - you could ask about PS! ventures, Smogon, or just Pokemon in general. The best questions will be selected by The Player staff and will be featured, alongside the usual questions, in the interview in Issue 11. If you have any inquiries, feel free to PM me or another Player staff.

Ask away! Troll questions or anything deemed inappropriate will be deleted.
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