The Player: Issue 6 released!

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This issue was the first issue without Scene, who has been co-leader and editor of The Player for the past 6 months. It's a real shame to see him go and I've written a little more than this in the editor's note.

Issue 6 packs tons of great articles! We have the Perilous Pundit, another staff interview, this time with Spydreigon, and the newest edition of Ask the Admins. We also take a look at past gen ladders, as well as the newly-established Help room.

I'd like to particularly thank Antemortem for his help during release of this issue. Himself and shaymin have been working really hard to get this show on the road. I hope you enjoy the sixth issue of The Player!

Happy New Year from The Player's staff!

~ Vacate, Antemortem, shaymin
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Well done to everyone who contributed to this issue and what a great year we've had for The Player! Looking forward to many issues next year. Happy New Year everyone!


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i was about to go to sleep but you had to release it just now!!! welp i'll try to stay up and read it then i guess
Great job with the release everyone! Especially to Antemortem holy shit he got those articles uploaded fast.

I'd also like to shine some more light onto the Article Ideas thread, we're always looking for new writing talent, and we've made all possible ideas for articles public, so anyone can skim through that thread and start writing for us! It's always great to see new faces around our workshop, and this is a push to see if we can get even more diversity.

With that, I wish you all a happy New Year, to a great 2015!
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Another outsanding issue of The Player! Good job to everyone who contributed in this one, and especially to shaymin and ante for the work they put in.

I'd like to further support what Spydreigon said, it's always great to see more new people contribute to the webzine, not only with writing but with HTML, Artwork and GP aswell. I gotta say kudos to brightobject for an amazing cover art. Happy New Year and cheers everyone!


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I think Tikitik actually deserves a special shoutout for the PS! From the Perspective of a Newbie article. Its super relatable, both for veteran users looking back on how they got started with PS! and for new users who are still looking to fit in. It encompasses a lot of the feelings that all of us went through getting accustomed to the server, and surely it'll help make new users feel a little less isolated or out of place. Definitely my favorite article of this issue; excellent work!

Aside from that, Perilous Pundit was surprisingly hilarious, and the new trivia section was really fun! Hopefully we'll see more of it in future issues!


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I've received comments from people on PS! that autojoin is working for them with the articles guidance.

I was glad to be part of this issue ^_^ Good job people!
lmfao my name is listed as It's me: Likeatron12345
Anyway, was a fun issue to read and contribute to! Hope to do so for more Player articles in the future!

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fix that word everywhere actually!

Great issue! Fun to read, and keep it up. (P.S I'm loving the new talent in both writing and art!)

Vacate edit: Done.


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Rip Dec 21 release

Great experience writing an article for the first time, hopefully in the future I'll have the time (and idea) to write more!
Hey all!

I normally don't post in these threads (that I can recall-at least, seriously), but I'd like to say that Issue 6 in particular has been a blast! Not that every issue prior hasn't been, or anything like that--it's really the amount of effort that both contributors and the staff of The Player have shown in regards to ensuring a successful release. I'd like to personally thank Bummer in particular for extending his help for some articles. You're awesome, Bummer! :>

As always, we would appreciate any feedback or comments you have in regards to this issue--or heck--The Player in particular! I think it's really cool that you guys tell us the articles that you liked reading the most, because it helps gives us a lot of insight as to what articles would appeal as well as have good reception with the readership and which articles could be improved. These are things that I feel need to be continued to be brought to light. If you aren't comfortable posting in this thread for feedback, you all are more than welcome to PM any of The Player staff, and we'll get to it. n_n

Excellent job, everyone!
The king of Lobby himself, congratulations to user...


On winning the staff interview poll! I can't exactly close the poll since we did it on Strawpoll his time, but regardless thanks to all who voted, and hopefully your picks will be selected in future issues!
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A fantastic issue of The Player, sad to see Scene go but the work here done by everyone was incredible. Antemortem specifically really good stuff here. Here's to another great year!
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