Tournament The PU Circuit 2023

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The PU Circuit is back for 2023! The circuit will have 5 tournaments where top placing players will earn leaderboard points to try to make the cut to compete in the PU Circuit Playoffs at the end of the year and earn themselves a ribbon (
) on their badgeset. We've kept the same tournament schedule as last year, but have reworked the points distribution with the help of sugar ovens, and have restructured the Classic format (to be announced in a separate thread).

Schedule (if an exact date isn't there, it will be updated asap):
  • PU Classic - SS + SM Signups: January 22nd, ORAS + BW Signups: January 29th, DPP + ADV Signups: February 5th
  • PU Open Signups - (Likely) May 7th
  • PU Swiss Signups - June 11th
  • PU Ladder Tournament Signups - August 13th
  • PU Fall Seasonal Signups - September 10th

Standings can be found here
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