The PU dex page now has an "Untiered" section


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This happened a while ago but we forgot to announce. If you go to you can see that instead of all the Pokemon being in one massive group, they've been separated into PU and Untiered. Pokemon in Untiered are PU Pokemon by technicality (they receive less than 3.41% usage but are in the tier because they cannot drop any lower), but ones which are not considered viable or relevant in the metagame. This differs from the typical "other Pokemon with strategies" section because Pokemon which are PU by technicality but actually viable, as well as NFEs which are considered viable in PU, still show up in the PU section. This is because PU, as a repository for any Pokemon not included in any other tier, contains more unviable Pokemon than viable ones. Previously the dex page was a fairly worthless resource, as it lumped irrelevant Pokemon such as Slaking together with top tier choices like Skuntank.
Since I've been getting this question a lot, please note that this change has nothing to do with ZU. Not all Untiered Pokemon are in ZU, plenty of ZU Pokemon remain in the PU section, and the decision was made entirely separately and weeks before the decision to upload ZU analyses.
Any chance we can get the header for the new section changed? Using the standard "Other Pokemon with Strategies" title seems to imply the opposite of what the section means in this case, ie that these are Pokemon who don't get enough usage to be PU officially but are still viable.

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