The Randoms Trial - Round 1

rpr1020 -> ILoveMilk
jtf1993 -> peere
Freddy Kyogre -> tonithetourguide
fanyfan -> 85percent

New matchups
Acsel vs. ILoveMilk
peere vs. Hassin627
SOMALIA vs. tonithetourguide
85percent vs. Hijasu

Freddy Kyogre and fanyfan forfeited before any games were played. rpr1020, jtf1993, and Pkrs failed to respond (at all) to their opponents' scheduling attempts. I put the five of them into and subbed out the top four. I then randomized the four subs (in) and matched the first on each list with each other etc. Thus, Pkrs has until the Round 1 deadline to have their battle, despite not responding so far (assuming no-one else signs up as a sub, if another sub signs up and Pkrs still hasn't responded to their opponent's scheduling request, they will be subbed out).

Deadline: Saturday 28th July 18:50 GMT
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I need to sleep xD I'll be putting up Round 2 tomorrow (today, effectively) morning (GMT) :) Apologies for not putting it up on time.
Resolving unfinished matches
All of these are worked out with VMs if I haven't seen any other messages. Please schedule on users' Smogon Forums profiles so that these kinds of decisions are accurate!

ajhockeystar vs. pikachu<3
Coinflip - ajhockeystar failed to turn up to the first scheduled time but pikachu<3 failed to reply to the second scheduling attempt (which was a week before the deadline)

TGC United vs. Fantos13
Activity win - Fantos13 was two hours late to the first scheduling attempt (nearly two weeks before the deadline) but then made many more scheduling attempts with no responses from TGC United

Acsel vs. rpr1020 ILoveMilk
Coinflip - no attempt to schedule from either Acsel or ILoveMilk

Pkrs vs. Ceteris Paribus
no response to Ceteris Paribus' attempt to schedule

GustavoYAY vs. majaspic22
GustavoYAY didn't respond to majaspic22's most recent attempt to schedule (5 days before the deadline)

Will-I-am vs. TJ
Will-I-am said that TJ didn't respond in a conversation with the three of us and TJ didn't object
Sorry again for the delay to the new round, I might be on my laptop to start it in a few hours or this evening (GMT).

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