The right to bear arms


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back in the day, whenever my neighbor let his dog go to the bathroom (translation: use the loo) in my yard I would wait until nightfall then open my neighbors trash bins (rubbish bins) and throw his garbage (rubbish) all over. then I would scratch claw marks into the trash bins and leave little bits of bear fur that I bought on the internet all over his driveway. he kept thinking it was a bear doing it and bought a bunch of bear proof trash bins. some of the bear proof trash bins were pretty tricky and nearly outsmarted me, but I would always prevail in the end.

then he got a ring camera and I couldn't do it anymore. technology is ruining society and their ring camera is infringing upon one of my constitutional (magna carta) rights. not sure which one, I just know that I hate ring cameras and I love bears. except the bears without fur those are pretty creepy. also i'm hoping to one day be reincarnated as a bear so that I can catch salmon raw in my mouth and eat directly from bee hives. also does anyone want to join my civil lawsuit against ring camera?

furthermore, here's a video of a dog driving a golf cart into a truck

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