Gen 2 The Rock (UU Graveler) [QC 0/2 GP 0/2]

  • Graveler compresses the roles of a Normal resist and Rapid Spinner in one Pokemon
  • Graveler also has a useful Flying resist and STAB Rock-type attacks, allowing it to check Scyther
  • Explosion allows Graveler to deal heavy damage to or OHKO the entire tier while sacrificing itself
  • These traits allow Graveler to function well on certain offensive teams where it can act as a temporary stop to physical attackers and threaten removal of most Pokemon immediately via Explosion
  • Graveler is extremely slow, even by GSC UU standards, meaning it almost always must take a hit to use an attack of its own
  • Graveler's defenses are quite poor, and it will be worn down quickly by repeated attacks, meaning it is not an effective long-term Normal check. It especially fears Special attacks due to a lack of relevant resistances to most Special attacking types.
  • Graveler is weak to common attacking types in Water, Ground, Ice, making it hard to get on the field safely. This also makes it difficult for Graveler to take advantage of its Electric immunity, since it threatened by coverage options like Hidden Power Ice, Ice Punch, or Surf that Electric-types like Magneton, Electabuzz, and Pikachu carry, respectively.
name: Normal-Resistant Rapid Spinner
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Hidden Power Rock / Rock Slide
move 3: Rapid Spin / Counter
move 4: Explosion
item: Leftovers

Set Description
  • Earthquake is Graveler's strongest STAB option and deals respectable damage to most Pokemon not immune or resistant to Ground. It also threatens an OHKO on Haunter, preventing safe spinblocking.
  • Hidden Power Rock compliments the type coverage of Earthquake very well, hitting every Ground-immune or resistant Pokemon in the tier for at least neutral damage. It also threatens Scyther with an immediate OHKO, removing the need for Graveler to explode to remove Scyther.
  • Rapid Spin removes Spikes, which are an essential part of many GSC UU teams' gameplan for wearing down the opponent.
  • Explosion allows Graveler to sacrifice itself to deal extreme damage or OHKO the opponent, allowing Graveler to still be extremely threatening at low HP. Additionally, every Explosion resist or immunity in the tier is hit super effectively by Earthquake, making safely absorbing Explosion risky.
  • Counter can be used over Rapid Spin if Graveler does not need to remove hazards for its team. Counter is notable for allowing Graveler to OHKO Gligar after being hit by Gligar's Earthquake.
  • Note that Rock Slide and Rapid Spin cannot be used on the same set, so Hidden Power Rock must be used if Graveler is running Rapid Spin.
Team Options
  • Due to Graveler's role as a temporary Normal check and Exploder, it fits best on offensive teams that appreciate being able to defensively check physical attackers like Granbull and Scyther while maintaining offensive pressure
  • Scyther appreciates Graveler being able to absorb hits from Granbull and other Scyther as well as its ability to threaten Flying-type checks like Magneton, Omastar, and Gyarados with Earthquake and Explosion. Scyther in return can threaten Psychic types that Graveler cannot safely switch into like Hypno, Mr. Mime, and Kadabra with STAB Hidden Power Bug.
  • Graveler also pairs well with other Swords Dance users found on offensive teams, like Victreebel and Pinsir. These Pokemon appreciate Granbull being checked, as well as Graveler's ability to threaten Flying-types like Gyarados, Gligar, and Crobat that they can have trouble beating alone.
  • Since Graveler finds itself on offensive teams, it synergizes well with Qwilfish, which can provide Spikes to make its teammates' attacks harder to absorb. Qwilfish also helps Graveler itself by checking Grass-types like Bellossom and Jumpluff that Graveler fears, as well as Ground-types like Nidoqueen, Gligar, and Piloswine with its STAB Hydro Pump. Graveler in return can switch into Electric-type moves from Electabuzz and Magneton to check them for Qwilfish.
  • Graveler appreciates secondary Electric-type checks, since its own ability to check these Pokemon is not reliable. Lanturn and Piloswine make good partners for this reason, since they can more comfortably check Electric-types with their much greater bulk, and retain their offensive potency even if forced to Rest.
Other Options
  • Fire Blast could be used over Rapid Spin for a harder hit and potential burn on Piloswine, Bellossom, Victreebel, and Vileplume if Graveler's hazard removal talents are not needed, but the ability to remove Spikes is usually too valuable to forego.
  • Miracle Berry could be used instead of Leftovers to allow Graveler to rid itself of status from moves like Haunter's Hypnosis and Jumpluff's Stun Spore once, but Graveler appreciates the recovery afforded by Leftovers allowing it to switch into physical attackers as many times as possible.
Checks and Counters

**Water-types**: Every Water-type in the tier is able to OHKO Graveler with STAB Water-type attacks. Quagsire and Politioed do not always carry Water-type atacks, however, and thus may not be able to OHKO Graveler. As well, Slowking and Slowbro are slower than Graveler, which may allow Graveler to KO them first with Earthquake or Explosion. Quagsire speed ties Graveler, and so must be careful about trying to take it on.

**Ground-types**: Despite its excellent Defense stat, Graveler's low HP, low Speed, and weakness to Ground makes it vulnerable to Earthquakes from the tier's Ground types in Gligar, Nidoqueen, Piloswine, Quagsire, and Sandslash. Additionally, Gilgar, Piloswine, Quasire, and Piloswine have good physical bulk and are not weak to either of Graveler's STABs, which lets them pivot into Graveler safely. Nidoqueen is 2HKO'd by Graveler's own Earthquake, however, and cannot switch in safely.

**Grass-types**: Bellossom doesn't mind either of Graveler's STAB attacks and threatens to OHKO with Razor Leaf or Hidden Power Grass. Victreebel and Vileplume do not always carry a Grass-type attack, but are able to put Graveler to sleep with Sleep Powder and then set up on it with Swords Dance. If either one chooses to run Giga Drain or Hidden Power Grass, they can OHKO Graveler. Jumpluff never carries a Grass-type move and so usually cannot hurt Graveler outside of Leech Seed, but it does threaten to paralyze Graveler or put it to sleep with Stun Spore and Sleep Powder, respectively.

**Ice-type coverage**: Nidoqueen, along with Electric-types like Electabuzz, Pikachu, and Magneton, commonly carry Ice-type coverage attacks that can all 2HKO Graveler.

**Ground-type coverage**: Many physical attackers such as Dodrio, Granbull, Pinsir, Scyther, and Victreebel can carry Hidden Power Ground to ensure they are not walled by Rock- and Steel-type Pokemon, meaning that Graveler cannot assume it can safely wall these Pokemon without first scouting for their coverage options. All of these can 3HKO Graveler after Spikes damage, even unboosted. Pinsir and Victreebel are especially dangerous for having additional options to threaten Graveler even without Hidden Power Ground in Submission and Giga Drain, respectively. However, none of these Pokemon like switching into Graveler's STAB attacks, with Dodrio, Pinsir, and Scyther needing to be especially careful due to their Rock weakness.

**Psychic-types**: While Graveler is not weak to Psychic, its extremely poor Special bulk can cause it to be 2HKO'd by every STAB Psychic in the tier after Spikes damage, meaning that Hypno, Mr. Mime, Kadabra, Slowking, and Slowbro all check it easily. Girafarig does not always carry Psychic, sometimes opting for an Thunder or Thunderbolt instead, in which case Graveler completely walls it, but is otherwise almost always 2HKO'd by Girafarig's STAB Psychic after Spikes damage. Slowking and Slowbro deserve special mention for also being able to OHKO Graveler with their STAB Surfs.

**Haunter**: Haunter is OHKO'd by Graveler's Earthquake and does not take Hidden Power Rock or Rock Slide well, so it cannot switch in safely. However, Haunter is able to 3HKO Graveler with Psychic, put it to sleep with Hypnosis, trade with it using Destiny Bond, or Explode on it to remove a sizable chunk of Graveler's HP, end Graveler's turn, and allow a teammate to switch in without giving Graveler a chance to move.

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