The RU Open VI - Round 1

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My opponent that I called activity on responded to me, and we played 1 game which I won and then he just left. I'll just ask for the act win, or since I won 1, is that just a win? either way, just an update
My guy said he wasnt able to play before wednsday. So either an extension or you decide who has been more active based on posts in the thread and our conversation on my wall
I'm finding it quite difficult to schedule a time with my opponent. He either misses the times or doesn't check smogon to make it easy to schedule with him.


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Ok, after some time gathering the goddamn coinflips I think it is time to move on and post the next round. So lets get to the extension, activity calls, and extensions.


SlurpuffLoverKiwi vs outbackrabbit
Gaerys vs Garrahan90
Exiline vs JCM.
Elec. Vs King
Velvet Blood vs Paraplegic
rbfmca vs Tony
monchooo vs Silentsoundmd
H.M.N.I.P vs Feliburn
dukevesper vs Umen Berker
reyscarface vs Brazilian Army
silver97 vs Asuya
Posho Alola vs McMeghan
Annoying Orange vs Kyleos
Zaionar vs PkmSilver
Flex81 vs miltankmilk
Hachimaki98 vs Toxigen
Shingu vs Jeffis
youtuberhotspots vs Omfuga
fitzy72 vs Paleo
21suggie vs dfmetal
Afro Smash vs Maskun529
geeezer vs gorex
dcae vs Zaettsu
thelolcat vs DennisEG
LightCore vs Kiyo
Steve Angello vs Guilas D
fatty vs Drud
Amane Misa vs GingaGreninja11

Until Wednesday very very very late at night. Around 11:59 PM GMT -5. Just ignore if you got your series done already, I just had to post the list of extensions I had at hand since Im pretty behind on the schedule.

Activity call winners:

Gotta mention on Mazar that according to the info Mazar himself provided to me, the series should have been played Thursday Night since it was the time that was more convenient for both of the players, but for some reason Real FV13 didnt show up and now Mazar is not at home, with just the phone and will not be available past the extension time so... I deliver the activity win to Mazar in the situation.


And forgot babidi1998

Working on the Round 2 as we speak
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