The RU Open VI - Round 3

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opp missed time and hasn't been on for a few days, we'll try to reschedule but i'm unavailable this weekend so it'll have to be just before the deadline



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Ok time to call the extensions out, keep it up everyone

elodin vs confide already happened so thats good
The Quasar gets activity win over Lord Outrage, Purifier vs The Quasar is the matchup
Kiyo is basically more active than Sir Isaac Mewton (shouldnt have extended this but w/e), BlameTheBlax vs Kiyo
Jarii won against TheWall so thats covered (and his r3 opponent too, damn)
Umen Berker won
Kushalos gets activity win vs Funbot28, Kushalos vs Santu
According to the info I hold, Arch11Heretic won against Imanalt 2-0 based on the last post done on the r2 thread. Arch11Heretic vs BreloomMyHomie If he could confirm imo, just in case.
Chill shadow gets activity win on reyscarface, MONNA LUSA gets the coinflip. Chill Shadow vs MONNA LUSA

And thats it. Will update the thread, if I dont it should be up to date in a couple of days.
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