The Serpent And The Princess [COMPLETE]

Would You Like To See More Pokémon Made Fully Re-Distributable?

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I voted yes because I know I can speak for a lot of people who dabble in competitive battling but don't dive in when I say that fully redistributable pokemon help us jump into competitive battling quicker and give us footholds and places to start when we eventually get to making our own pokemon. I truly appreciate the time invested in creating these pokemon, because after making some of my own, I know it can be a very frustrating and time consuming process. Fully redistributable pokemon keep the competitive battling community healthy and are perfect for beginners looking to get much more involved or for those who want to battle more casually.

My friendcode is: 0962 - 9557 - 1143

I don't have OR/AS yet, but I'm going to go purchase it in a few days after the holidays. Can I PM you and we can work out a time to trade a little down the road?
Okay, so I've added everyone who has posted now, and the last 8 pairs are being re-distributed to the first 8 users that invite a trade with me. I'm going to ask this giveaway be closed now; thanks to everyone who posted, I'll be on wifi for a short period before leaving for Christmas vacation. Not sure what the wifi will be like where I'm going.

Disclaimer; just because you were added does not mean you won a prize; 60+ people were added, but only 80 prizes ever existed (2 per person) with 64 of them already traded.

If you're looking for these Pokémon, your best bet is to track down someone's thank you post and ask them for a clone.
Online and requesting a trade as soon as you finish with the current one :)
EDIT: IGN: Emanuele
EDIT: Thanks a lot..! And sorry for the stupid kecleons but I don't have good ones on this game yet..
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Pokeguy, I'm Charles. I have a bad connection.

Ign: Charles
Edit: thanks so much for these wonderful 'mons, Pokeguy! U_U
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