The Slowest Swift Sword

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1. Anyone can enter.
2. The Honedge is non-redis.
3. There will be a total of 5 winners.
3. The first two people to post here and vm me will automatically win the Honedge.
4. The next 3 winners will be decided via a nickname contest.
5. All winners will receive non-nicknamed copies.
6. The giveaway will end within 24 hours (3 PM EST 9/14/14).

My Aegislash/Doublade
OT: Classic ID: 59646
(Female) - Quiet - Stance Change/No Guard
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/0
Eggmoves: Destiny Bond, Wide Guard, Shadow Sneak, Metal Sound
(Bred by me, Hatched by Reddit User with matching SV) (
Available ut lvl 1 (Non-shiny version can be bred on request)

1. Cherub Agent
2. DarkMilotic
3. SkylarGreen
4. Quanyails
5. Tatertot​
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No current trade thread, tried finding the one I had during the D/P era, but to no avail. Entering just in case I have an outside chance.

Edit: With the color of the blades being red, I just have to make a The Shining reference.
Would name the thing: Redrum
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Should I post here for the nickname idea? Mine is Lion's Tooth. The greatest sword of all time.

The sword is a minor mention from A Game of Thrones, where it's only claim to fame is that it gets taken from its highly unlikable owner and thrown into a river during an offpage conflict, never being recovered. One character cracks up after hearing the story and offhandedly makes fun of the sword's name.
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This is the name of the Subtle Knife in the "His Dark Materials" trilogy (the first book of which is "The Golden Compass").

The knife has the ability to cut through any material, and is even able to cut wholes in the fabric between worlds. The name means "God-Destroyer". If I won this Honedge, I'd find an Arceus to battle to christen it ;) I may have taken your suggestion to have an entry that was subtle too literally, but hopefully you like it :)
Nickname: Samnite

a "Samnite" was a gladiator who fought with a short sword and shield.
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I've been musing over the nickname "Cleveland". The idea behind the name is similar to those people who nickname their Rotom-W "Washington"; it's a punny name related to the design of the Pokemon, and it's an actual name. The chance that both names happen to be surnames of U.S. presidents is coincidental to me, since I was inspired more by the original source of the name, where the spelling makes the pun stronger.
I loved the book Inheritance trilogy by Christopher Paolini. In his series, one of the characters owned a blood red sword named Zar'roc. It means "misery" in the elf language in the book.
I'd suggest the nickname "Falcata". It is the name of the sword used by Hannibal's army during the second Punic war against Rome, which almost resulted in the collapse of the roman empire. Not only is it a historical name, I also sounds good!
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