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So I had the rare opportunity to meet Stallion last night during his first ever visit to the states. The legendary biggie was able to join us as well, which of course made the evening. Had an awesome meal at Orale (not pictured because we annihilated it), then walked over to Barcade for drinks and old school gaming. We didn't quite beat the Simpsons, but biggie did show us just how amazing he is at arcade games. Stallion is on the left, biggie in the middle, and myself on the right.


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After the good time I had with bros WaterBomb and biggie last night, I went and saw long time buddy Delta 2777. Went and got drinks while watching the Lakers disappoint me yet again, but the company was great.


All in all, it was amazing to meet people I'd been friends with online for years. I'll be visiting San Francisco, LA and Vegas over the next few weeks, so anyone who's in those cities and wants to hang out, hit me up.

Tera Melos

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First Time Posting Here, so for all those curious here I am.

Also, finally revealing that despite my "female sounding name" and my profile saying I'm a male, I am not a girl.

Got Myself a Jace and some Vodka

Got Myself a Hat And an ACTUAL FEMALE

Me with Glasses and ANOTHER ACTUAL GIRL

Me playing Live Music for like 100 or something people

Me back when I didn't have to shave because I was on the road 24/7

Me at Mt.Rushmoore with some Canadian friends
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Tera Melos

Banned deucer.

This reminds me of a drawing of me a fan sent in once, I have NO idea who drew it but it's based off an old Forum profile picture of me (Guitar/Gear exchange website).

It's kind of memeish but In the theme of Cartoon Versions of Us.

Context: I was once banned from the forum for trying to bundle a copy of Fallout 2 with some guitar Pedals. I became known as "That guy who wouldn't shut up about Fallout 2 being the best game ever."



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Here's a few pictures of me, I'm sure ppl have been dying to see what the low impact Circus+Firebot poster Earlio looks like
that was sarcastic in case ur dumb
My Best Picture.JPG

The Local Boys Club.JPG
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hey so i was actually gonna post in here eventually but it seems that a certain banned user by the name of Transcendent God Champion is attempting to dox myself and another smogon member, and while I don't really care that some banned lowlife has nothing else to do than attempt to find pictures of some 16-year-old, I'd much rather post my pictures on my own terms. So to say the least, all Lance did was expedite the process. Lance was trying to use this "power" of his to make myself and the other smogon member leave. So basically, this is just a "fuck you" to Lance. Thanks pal!





I would tag Lance but he's banned. I would tag one of his lowlife friends, but they're all getting banned too! Oops!
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