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The TD team has been getting a lot of questions regarding the Smogtours timer at the event of a disconnection. Ever since we were first able to start recreating matches we've been meaning to implement a disconnection timer as well, but the coding involved isn't easy and still being worked on by Zarel.

What I mean by a disconnection timer is a separate timer consisting of 300 total seconds that starts running whenever someone disconnects during a match. This means a player has a total of 5 minutes to reconnect throughout a match before it starts costing actual timer seconds. However, because that feature hasn't been implemented yet, the Smogtours moderators have been applying this method manually by turning off the timer as soon as a disconnection happens and by keeping track of the time the player has been disconnected from the server. Hopefully the automated version of this system is implemented soon, but until then this is how we're going about it and why we've been turning off the timer manually.

In summary, these are the important things to note regarding the Smogtours timer as things stand currently:
  • The timer will not be turned off, unless a disconnection happens.
  • If a player disconnects from the server, a moderator will stop the timer and keep track of the total disconnected time.
  • If the total disconnected time surpasses 300 seconds, a moderator will turn the timer back on regardless of the player having reconnected or not.
  • If a player disconnects from the server with a high timer and doesn't reconnect within the total 300 seconds, the match will be recreated.
  • If a player disconnects from the server with a low timer and doesn't reconnect within the total 300 seconds, the player loses the match via timeout.
We won't reveal what constitutes a 'high' and a 'low' timer in order to minimize the opportunity to abuse disconnections. In the rare event that no Smogtours moderators are online during an official tournament game and a disconnection loss happens, please highlight the Tournament Directors and Smogtours mods (@Tournament Director and @Smogtours Mod) in the Tournaments server on Discord, and we'll evaluate and possibly recreate the match as soon as possible, as explained in this thread.

As soon as the disconnection timer is implemented, we'll be sure to update you all in this thread. :pray:
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