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February's Song Recommendations

Theme: Songs That Have the Word Love in it


Song: Kendrick Lamar - LOVE. (feat. Zacari)
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Description: Definitely high up in my favorite tracks from DAMN., Zacari really contrasts Kendrick but I think it compliments the song very well, and makes for an overall really soothing and great track.

Song: Mitski - First Love / Late Spring
Genre: indie/alt rock/pop
Description: The song that got me into Mitski, it's beautiful

Song: Beyoncé - Love On Top
Genre: Beyoncé
Description: I don't care who you are and what your opinion of Bey is, this is one of her best songs objectively, and it is so pure and her fiery love shines through, not to mention the dance routine and her vocals. This song just has it all.

Song: Rihanna - Love On The Brain
Description: Probably my 2nd favorite Rihanna song and an absolute classic and banger.

Song: Tori Kelly - Nobody Love
Genre: Pop
Description: Prior to her interesting decision to make a gospel album, Tori K. had some killer tracks. Nobody Love was one of these, and she was able to show off her incredible vocal range.

Lux Prima
Song: Loreen - Love Me America
Genre: Alt Pop/Dark Pop
Description: P underrated artist nowadays, her last album is a pop odyssey overlooked by many and this is just one of the many great songs in that project

roviet sussia
Song: bladee - lovenote
Genre: bladee
Description: x-ray gucci shades

Song: Art of noise - Love
Genre: Chillout
Description: Classic by a Classic

Song: Florence + The Machine - The End of Love
Genre: Baroque/Orchestral Pop

Mrs Fame
Song: Janelle Monáe - Can’t Live Without Your Love
Genre: R&B/Soul
Description: One of the many great tracks from miss Monáe, Janelle has displayed time and time again that she is able to create extremely smooth and soulful songs with gorgeous production, and this song is the perfect example of that.

Song: Olivier Messiaen - Turangalîla Symphonie: VI. Jardin du sommeil d'amour
Genre: Classical
Description: You're in the garden. You're sleeping. You're in love. What more is there to say?

xernn ♡
Song: Selena Gomez - Lose You To Love Me
Genre: Pop
Description: Although Selena Gomez’s comeback album released in January was lackluster, its lead single was a major standout & redeeming factor of the album. It’s a poignant & cathartic ballad that is beautifully written, produced, and sung.

Song: Gloria Jones - Tainted Love
Genre: R&B/Soul
Description: Soft Cell's cover of this song is an obviously iconic but I will always personally think the original is the definitive version of this song, Gloria's vocals just make this such a powerful piece. Not much to say here, it's an amazing song sung by an amazing singer.

Song: the cardigans - lovefool
Genre: indie pop
Description: maybe the first great indie pop band. it's a song about aesthetic. it's a bop. don't actually beg for love tho, just let it come naturally. keep spinning this song tho.
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March's Song Recommendations

Theme: Indie/Less Known Music


Song: Ovlov - Really Bees
Genre: Indie/Shoegaze/Noise Pop
Description: A band I never see anyone other than Starblim ever talk about that needs more love, idk if i got the genre right probably not but its dope


Song: Metric - Speed The Collapse
Genre: Alternative
Description: I love Metric because even though they are technically mostly Alternative, they have so many songs that sound so different in so many facets, even within the same album. This isn't my favorite song of theirs, but it is up there as one of my favorites and really displays their different type of style.

roviet sussia
Song: hsiu - all i have are words
Genre: nightcore, breakbeat
Description: most of those stupid ""internet genres"" like vaporwave, witch house, nightcore etc. are irredeemable garbage and nightcore is not an exception, but i like this album anyway

Song: Eldar Gasimov - Məsafələr
Genre: Azerbaijani Pop
Description: Eldar is cute

Lux Prima
Song: Dudley Benson - Rutu
Genre: Avant-garde, Experimental Pop, Folktronica
Description: Incredibly ahead of the curve in the Folktronica industry, and unfortunately he gets nowhere near as much attention as he should. He experiments with sounds like no other, really looking forward to a new album of his. If you're into the likes of Bon Iver or Arca, this is a must.

Mrs Fame
Song: Loathe - Is It Really You?
Genre: metalcore / alt metal
Description: Wow, this entire album is breathtaking. With a mix of desolate and aggressive themes, this track was created with true intricacy. This is obviously an extremely underrated band and I’m thankful this album is actually getting quite a bit of traction within the music community at the very least. Definitely worth the listen.

Song: Sevdaliza - Oh My God
Genre: Electronic R&B
Description: Sevdaliza is one of my faaaaav artists because of her style and how evolutionary it is. She has no limits to her creativity and that’s evident in this song. ‘Oh My God’ is exactly what I said when I first heard this song, and I highly recommend you to check her out if you haven’t already!

Song: Minus the Bear - Double Vision Quest
Genre: indie rock/math rock
Description: a classic math/indie band that i feel doesn't get a lot of love. the mixture of time sigs, synths, cool sounds, and most of all energy make minus the bear a fun ass band. i saw their goodbye tour and they put on a hell of a show. stream planet of ice.

Song: Elle King - Song of Sorrow
Genre: Indie/Alternative
Description: Look a song completely overshadowed by her biggest hit :^) Okay in all seriousness, Elle King is amazing at blending Country, Rock, Indie, and Blues into a cohesiveness that is honestly really rare in music. Song of Sorrow in particular I feel blends Country and Indie really nicely and it has recently became one of my favorites of hers to listen to (her voice matched with the banjo just helps that much more.) I highly recommend listening to both of her studio albums, she has real gems that goes mostly unnoticed by virtue of not being named Exs and Ohs.

Song: Quiet Bison - Silk
Genre: ???
Description: Quiet Bison is a super underrated artist, his stuff is truly godlike! Mind bending synths, and an attention to detail and beauty of craft only comparable to that of flume. This guy has all the tools to succeed. He just doesn't have all that many fans, yet. I won't be too lengthy here because his music really speaks for itself. PLEASE CHECK HIS STUFF OUT!!!


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April's Song Recommendations
Theme: Rain/Weather Related Songs

Song: Florence + The Machine - Hurricane Drunk
Genre: Indie Pop
Description: Comparing the crippling emotion of being cheated on with being hit by a hurricane is just one of Florence's great usage of water within many of her songs. Her voice is extremely captivating, and I encourage anyone to look into her! She'll perk up your quarantine with her powerful vocals, insightful lyrics, and great choice of fashion!

Song: Slayer - Raining Blood
Genre: Thrash Metal
Description: while not technically weather, it has rain in the title lol. Also FUCKING SLAAAAAAYERRRRRR

Song: The Lumineers - April
Genre: Indie/Folk
Description: This instrumental track from the album III is a part of a bigger story told throughout the course of the album, and provides just one more reason that the piano is the best instrument out there. Named after the month, this track expresses the feeling of an April shower without words.

roviet sussia
Song: alex g - clouds
Genre: indie rock
Description: dedicating this song rec to my friend CloudyNatu a.k.a. Clatu

Song: Rihanna - Umbrella
Genre: Pop
Description: My favorite Rihanna song and let's be honest: is there really any song about weather that's as iconic as this? Didn't think so.

Mrs Fame
Song: LOONA / Jinsoul - Singing In The Rain
Genre: Korean Pop
Description: Jinsoul is a woman of many talents who is single handedly decimating the entirety of western culture as we know it with this sole song. People will be singing this song at weddings, graduations and funerals. A gorgeous, catchy and upbeat pop song with stunning visuals. Stan LOONA.

Song: beach bunny - april
Genre: indie pop
Description: a very solid indie pop band out of the windy city. kinda angsty, nice vocals, kinda bops.

Lux Prima
Song: Kaleo - Vor í Vaglaskógi
Genre: Blues Rock/Alt Folk
Description: The title translates to "Spring in the wood of skies". It's one of the most heart-wrenching and intimate songs I've heard in my life, whether it's because of the chord progression, the soothing verses or the incredible vocals Julius delivers. I've cried to this one a couple of times. "The wind blows your hair under the light"

Song: Matmos - Plastisphere
Genre: Experimental/Ambient
Description: really cool environmental track with a rain sample that lands on plastics and a crunching sound of plastic on a shoreline it's a really cool concept and as the Envitonentalist I am I love a lot of the unspoken messaging in tracks like this.

Song: PJ Harvey - April
Genre: Alt/Indie
Description: Spring is here and I'm already ready to be miserable and killed by allergies until Summer cough. This song is sung as an elderly woman who's reflecting on the years of her life she lost as another year goes past her, crushed by the reality that she'll never be able to return to the young self that she dreams. The whole song, fit with the defeated lyrics, the organ, and Polly's elderly styled voice that she briefly drops for her normal powerful singing voice when she sings "I dreamed" at the end of the piece really helps bring the piece to life and is just what I feel is a perfect feeling of an old woman lamenting her lost days on a gloomy rainy day.

Song: Claude Debussy - Estampes: Jardins sous la Pluie (Gardens in the rain)
Genre: Classical
Description: Debussy's animated and perpetual depiction of a violent rainstorm. Good to listen to on one of those gloomy April days where the rain is ceaseless.
  • PS! Username: Tennisko
  • Song: JoeJas - DropTopTikes
  • Link:
  • Description: Really fun upbeat song with a really interesting instrumental and cool bridge at the end.


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  • PS! Username: charizard8888
  • Track: Kayzo & Atreyu - Battle Drums
  • Genre: Metalstep [Metal + Dubstep]
  • Description: Energetic and heavy metal dubstep
Really like the part when the drums start after "I can hear the battle drums coming"
And the one after 3:15 with simultaneous vocals and the drop
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BP's Song Recommendations (Mega Post)
I've rediscovered and fallen in love with so many beats since my last post. Not to mention I've found new songs that are just simply amazing to listen too. This list will encompass my some of my favorite beats in no particular order. If you frequent The Studio on PS you've probably seen me post their a lot. I've posted a lot of songs that will probably be on this is list. I'll be posting one song per artist so this list isn't too long. If you have some extra time I highly recommend you take a minute and give each song a listen!
PS! Username: Broken Phobias

Track: I Think I'm OKAY by Machine Gun Kelly and YUNGBLOOD
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
Description: I feel a heavy connection to this song because of it's overall tone and message. However, this is not the reason why I love it so much. MGK manages to make an upbeat song and it feels so good to turn up on the speakers or even in headphones. The song gives you an environment to feel whatever you want. The guitar mixed with Travis Barker's smooth voice really just make your feelings melt and than when MGK comes in again you remember why you're listening in the first place. 10/10 song and its one of my absolute favorites.

Track: Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Description: This song is a fat throwback to the 90's. Under the Bridge is the most popular RHCP song and when you listen to it you'll release why. Its somber lyrics and lazy tone reminds me a lot of Grunge music except its different. It's not as angry or apathetic, its more streamlined and it has a reason to it. It's a reflection of one's life, its not pissing and moaning about your life like Grunge is. Also who can forget the legendary line:
"I don't ever want to feel
Like I did that day
Take me to the place I love
Take me all the way…"

Track: Roadside by Rise Against
Genre: Alternative Indie / Punk Rock
Description: This is probably one of my favorite Rise Against songs just because the two singers manage to harmonize so beautifully. When I first heard this song I remember laying done and listening to it on repeat for hours because I was that in love with it. The mixture of guitar and I think Cello is great and is done perfectly.

Track: Adult Swim By Jon Bellion and Tuamie
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap / R&B / Pop
Description: I could've listed at least 10 Jon Bellion songs because of how amazing this dudes music is. I chose Adult Swim because it talks about so much and the beat is so simple. Not to mention Tuamie has like the coolest voice of all time. In this song Jon talks about his music blowing up and him becoming famous. He highlights his younger years and how kids would overdose and how grateful he his that he got lucky and made it out of that place. The song changes tones during every verse and it really highlights how much of a musical Genius Jon Bellion is.

Track: Sponge Bob by Max Wassen
Genre: Rap
Description: If your a 90's baby this song is for you. Max Wassen highlights all the cartoons the were big like Spongebob, Hey Arnold, and Kids Next Door. This song took me back and was a real treat for me. He links together each verse and chorus perfectly and the way he talks about the cartoons encompasses all our feelings while watching them when we were younger. It's really fun song to listen to.

Track: Alien Boy by Oliver Tree
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Description: Some of you may know Oliver Tree as the dude with a bowl cut who appears with the Sketch Comedian Cherdleys. He's so much more than that however. He appears in a song I'll list next that kind of blew up. However, this song, Alien Boy is a really goofy beat that's super catchy. I think this song is gonna be you either love it or you don't type of beat. Here's a snippet of some good lyrics:
"I fell down to Earth from a hundred miles away
And somehow I still make it work
But it's overrated and somehow played out"

Track: When I'm Down by Whethan and Oliver Tree
Genre: Alternative / Indie
Description: This song reminds me a lot of the previously listed Alien Boy except its more unique. Its got a goofy beat and the keyboard adds really adds to that. Oliver Tree again has good lyrics and manages to make the song very catchy. There isn't much to say about this song except:
"Why in the world would you hit me when I'm down"

Track: me & ur ghost by blackbear
Genre: Rap / hip hop
Description: Despite the many popular blackbear beats, this one is probably my favorite. Its a perfect break up song and its got a catchy chorus with a good beat. The verses are great unique in that he moans about how much of a pain it is to get rid of pictures, clothes, etc but never really laments the loss of the girl. He instead laments all time he lost with this girl. It's a really good take and makes it sound great.

Track: Capital Letters by Hailee Steinfeld
Genre: Pop
Description: I remember listening to the first 50 Shades of grey OST and thinking "holy fuck this is great." Well by the time the 3rd and final movie came out I'd figured they'd peaked and there was no way it would be good. This song alone took my opinion and threw it out the window. Hailee's voice is so good and the Chorus is fantastic. The beats are amazing and the song portrays a really dope scene in the movie where they travel the world after getting married. Amazing song and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Pop.

Track: Heaven by Julia Michaels
Genre: Pop
Description: Yet another banger from the 50 Shades OST. This song definitely isn't for everyone but I thought it was fantastic. Julia Michaels delivers some great lyrics catchy lyrics alongside a slow beat. Maybe don't watch the scene that this song was played on though.

Track: witchblades by Lil Peep and Lil Tracy
Genre: Rap / hip hop
Description: I love a lot of emo and sad boi rap. Witchbaldes is an iconic song by lil peep and possible his second most popular song behind Beamer Boy. The verses on this beat flow together well and its really easy to sing along to. I love Lil Peep and this is my second favorite song by him just because of how easy it is to just yell to. Also the lyric "When I die bury me with all my ice on" is flames, you can't even deny it.

Track: My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames From Hell by $uicide Boy$
Genre: hip hop / rap
Description: Another sad boi song that I simply adore. The somber beat mixed with the borderline angry / apathetic lyrics make this song almost perfect. It changes tones quickly and it feels great to listen to. My only issue is that its too damn short. This song should have continued on, I feel like the Boy$ could have done more with it but they left it unfinished and it makes you want more of this style. I guess maybe that's part of the charm of the song. Whenever I finish it I have to listen to another song by the $uicide Boy$ just to quench my thirst.

Track: nightmare by nothing,nowhere.
Genre: hip hop / rap
Description: This song is less sad boi and more pseudo punk in my opinion but I'll label it whatever Google says. nothing,nowhere. is a musician that I think is very underrated and this song alone proves that. It's catchy, the beats good, and really fun to belt out the lyrics too. If your a head bobber than this song is good for you as its very easy to follow along with.

Track: I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin
Genre: Hard Rock
Description: This song literally changed my life and introduced me to rock music when I was 12. I even named myself on PS as a Breaking Benjamin reference. Today, I use this song as a workout song because of the lyrics and guitar. Its quite literally a song that pushes you to keep going and not bow. I highly recommend this song to anyone into Rock music and if you like this song you should definitely listen to more Breaking Benjamin.

Track: Grilled Cheese by Looney Toons (Elmer Fudd)
Genre: R&B (i think)
Description: Elmer Fudd sounds really good on this beat and its honestly pretty scary. I seriously don't get how the Looney Toons crew came up with this song and than made it sound good. Like this song actually makes you want to slobber on some nice hot grilled cheese. I never in a million years thought Elmer Fudd could pull off a musical career but this song just proves that he has it in him.


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May's Song Recommendations
Theme: Foreign Music!

Song: Kali Uchis - Nuestro Planeta ft. Reykon
Genre: Pop
Description: Kali is a super talented bilingual artist out of Miami, Florida. I think she has a very calm, cool, and collected style and sound to her music, and she adds some Latin flare to much of her music. This is the only song on Isolation that is in full Spanish, but I think it is beautiful and pleasantly stands out yet fits into the album. Recommend you give her a listen!

Song: Alcest - Les Jardins de Minuit
Genre: Post-Black Metal/Shoegaze
Description: Alcest returned to the style that made them great on their latest album and it paid off big time

Song: Zalagasper - Sebi
Genre: Ambient Pop
Description: This one's from an incredibly talented Slovenian music duo that deserved a better run at Eurovision 2019, but still made a name for themselves.

roviet sussia
Song: död mark - min dag
Genre: i don't really know lol
Description: this is a yung lean side project, hes singing in swedish tho. completely different from any of his music as yung lean, its just him over a guitar loop and some synths. sounds like something lil peep would do

Song: ROSALÍA - Aute Cuture
Genre: Pop
Description: ROSALÍA is the queen and this is my favorite song of hers. Even if you don't speak Spanish you will enjoy this, definitely check it out if you haven't heard it yet!

Mrs Fame
Song: Sheena Ringo - ギャンブル
Genre: Jazz
Description: Sheena Ringo is truly breathtaking, one of the best Japanese artists out there. The production throughout her entire discography is so experimental and so so refreshing. This song in particular is such a dramatic jazz piece, this song serves MAJOR theatrics and i'm 100% here for it.

Song: NEU! - Hallogallo
Genre: krautrock
Description: hallogallo, slang of halligalli, meaning wild party, and man this track is fun as shit. it's long, instrumental, and it really envelops the whole identity of krautrock. spacey, jammy, and pretty sick. much like NEU!'s name, it was pretty new at the time, and the song is still sick as shit to this day.

Lux Prima
Song: Jamala - Крила (Wings)
Genre: Folk Pop, Traditional
Description: This song's incredibly personal for me. I've spent hours crying to it during a really tough time in my life (as well as I did with many other songs). It's a beautifully arranged traditional piece of Folk Pop with an incredibly talented vocalist and a powerful message of persistence, with raging percussion and chilling acoustic guitars. A masterpiece.

Song: Leena - Keeruta ft. Nublu
Genre: Estonian Pop

Song: Yōsei Teikoku - IRON ROSE
Genre: Power Metal
Description: Wow this isn't a name I've listened to in a couple of years. This intro is a big highlight to this song for me with the strings opening up with the song really kicking in 23 seconds after, Yui's voice also compliments the heavy music backing her vocals extremely well. I feel like the strings and her vocals really help balance the heavy guitar and drums that I'm typically not as fond of in rock/metal, I think The Age of Villains did a really good job overall and I'm pretty fond of the album(edited)

Song: Windir - Svartesmeden og Lundamyrstrollet
Genre: Black/Folk/Viking Metal
Description: I don't speak at all Norwegian, but Windir is legendary

Bate335 (Ham)
Song: Inferno - Pohanské meče
Genre: Pagan Black Metal
Description: Since Polish music is not foreign for me, I put a Czech band, which still is barely foreign but shut up. Is some nice bm with much Slavonic pride. Slava!


BreakthrU89's Song List

George Harrison - My Sweet Lord
Genre: Folk-rock

I recommend this song due to its overall joyful tone, making it a feel-good song for a day when you need some cheering up. The song is about the Eastern religions he was into at the time. This song is very enjoyable and jolly.

Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Genre: Classic rock

I recommend this song just because it sounds spectacular in the sense that the classy tune of it gives off good emotions and is overall just a feel-good love song that is also very catchy.

The Beatles - Real Love
Genre: Pop

I recommend this song because in spite of it's haunting and sad past and sound, it still sounds amazing for a song that was only pulled out of a 1977 John Lennon solo recording session.
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June's Song Recommendations
Theme: Pride Month

Song: Rina Sawayama - XS
Genre: Pop
Description: Rina has stunned us all with her lovely album! The song that I am recommending you check out is one of my favorites from the album. It is a tongue and cheek song about capitalism and how we are, as a society, obsessed with material things when the Earth is literally dying and we choose to ignore it. The music and the sound of the song is misleading to a listener not paying attention, which helps to build on the theme of us ignoring climate change and other important issues for the latest trends companies continually pour out of a never-ending spigot.

Song: Xiu Xiu - No Friend Oh!
Genre: Experimental pop
Description: Hauntingly beautiful

Song: frank ocean - chanel
Genre: r&b, hip hop
Description: frank could literally be one of the best modern rappers if he actually rapped ever

Mrs Fame
Song: SOPHIE - Ponyboy
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Description: SOPHIE is an extremely talented trans woman who has been making huge waves in experimental pop scenes. She was one of the few women who were bringing PC music to the front of pop, along with producing for some of the biggest artists all over the globe.

Song: Panic! at the Disco - Girls/Girls/Boys
Genre: Pop Rock/Alternative
Description: A powerful and fun song about different sexual orientations and derived from Brendon Urie's experiences.

Song: Perfume Genius - Leave
Genre: Ambient Pop

Song: Ryan Beatty - Haircut
Genre: Dream Pop
Description: Ryan's a relatively new artist who doesn't have a lot of universal recognition, but is defining his own unique genre.

Song: David Bowie - Rebel Rebel
Genre: rock
Description: David Bowie made a massive influence on my life as a kid, a teen and continuing into my adult life, his influence rings true. His nature as an androgynous, constantly changing rock-star, and the song being about rebellion against gender norms, and his life being a rebellion against the norms of his time, is truly an anthem to play whenever you wanna say "fuck you" to whatever is bringing you down in life.

Song: Halsey ft. Lauren Jauregui - Strangers
Genre: Pop, Indie Pop
Description: I appreciate Halsey for specifically looking for another bisexual singer to colab with her for this song, helps the authenticity of the song just a tad more. I think a big reason this song works so well is because it's such a normalized depiction of a failed relationship - an imbalance of control, and a fear of commitment causing the two to drift apart and the loneliness keeping them coming back to each other. It also happens to be a relationship between 2 women.

Song: Cretin - Knights of the Rail
Genre: Death Metal/Grindcore

Charli XCX
Song: Kelela - Enough
Genre: Alt R&B / UK Bass / Art Pop
Description: Kelela is a queer black woman who's been consistently making strides in pushing Alt R&B forward by intertwining it with an experimental electronic sound, similar to her contemporaries like FKA twigs and Arca, while still being very much in her own lane and genre.

Song: Dinosaur Jr. - Crumble
Genre: Alternative Rock
Desc: Real Sad Hours

Flight of Navigator - Childish Gambino

Surf - Mac Miller


Puppy Grin - Peach Pit

Vines - Hippo Campus

Second Hand - STRFKR
PS! username: Ducky Mioda

My recommendations for June 17, 2020:
Morning Musume - TIKI BUN (genre: J-pop)

Buono! - Kokoro no Tamago (genre: J-pop)

Juice=Juice - Romance no Tochuu (genre: J-pop)

4minute - I My Me Mine (genre: K-pop)

Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy (genre: pop)
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My new recommendations:
(You can find me on PS! by searching for "Ducky Mioda" in the members list BTW.)

Berryz Koubou - Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai (genre: J-pop)

Indila - Dernière Danse (genre: French chansons)

Louane - Jour 1 (genre: French chansons)

Zazie - Je Suis Un Homme (genre: French chansons)

HollySiz - Come Back to Me (genre: pop)


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Mrs. Perry just put out a nice mashup of her newest single and a variety of her old songs for Pride.



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July's Song Recommendations
Theme: Live Performances


Song: Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (live at Rock in Rio)
Genre: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM
Description: one of the biggest metal bands playing one of their biggest songs to a massive reaction from the crowd


Song: lightning bolt - dead cowboy
Genre: noise rock
Description: this song is about george bush

Song: lcd soundsystem - all my friends (live from madison square garden)
genre: dance punk
description: catharsis. an aboslutely amazing song. james murphy is my hero. that's all.

Mrs Fame
Song: Janelle Monáe - Tightrope
Genre: Funk/Soul
Description: Janelle is a POWERHOUSE artist. Fantastic discography and a GREAT performer. This performance is iconic for a plethora of reasons, one being that it was performed in front of the Obamas (who were obviously living for the performance), but Janelle DECIMATED this fucking stage. Charisma and stage presence at its FINEST.

Lux Prima
Song: Dave - Black (Live at the BRITs)
Genre: UK Hip-Hop, Conscious Rap
Description: There's not a live performance that even comes close to this in terms of impact and significance. There's so much to unpack and everything about it is just so polished and makes for such an incredibly hard-hitting live. No words.

Song: Pink Floyd - Comfortably Numb: PULSE Concert
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Description: This stands out to me as the best concert performance, not for its vocals, but for the insane guitar solo that David Gilmour pulls off at the end of the song. It very well might be my favorite guitar solo of all time and never fails to give me goosebumps. A must listen for anyone who appreciates great guitar playing.

Song: Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals - NPR Live Mashup
Genre: Hip Hop/R&B/Funk/Soul
Description: Sweet NPR session Paak did with his backing band back in 2016.

Song: Madonna - Borderline (Jimmy Fallon Live)
Genre: Pop
Description: This is probably my favorite versions of one of the best pop songs of the past century. It's in a noticeably slower tempo which allows you to really pay attention to the lyrics and the beautiful melody, which compliments itself really well with her aged voice. I also really love her slow/jazzy vibrato - everything just suits the song much better for me than the original dance version.


Song: Alestorm - Over the Seas
Genre: Folk/Power Metal
Description: Oh wow! I like ducks. Ducks are cool.

Song: Tori Amos - Me and a Gun (Live at Montreux 1992)
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
Description: I have no words for this one, no matter how many times I hear this it just leaves me speechless. She's beyond amazing for being able to write and sing about her traumatic story in every live performance for 9 years before retiring it.

Charli XCX
Song: Robyn - Hyperballad (Björk Cover)
Genre: Art Pop
Description: Gorgeous and emotional cover of one of my favorite songs of all time by my favorite artist of all time, Bjork. Robyn is probably the only person who could cover Bjork so flawlessly due to her also having a very unique voice and the fact that she did it right in front of Bjork herself just makes this performance one of the most iconic covers ever.
PS Name: Panther-T
Song Name: A Challenge to God (Four Guardian Kings Battle)
Genre: Hard Rock
Description: Really sweet combination of trumpet+electric guitar.

(PS username: Ducky Mioda)

My latest recommendations:

W - Robokiss (genre: bubblegum pop)

Morning Musume - Utakata Saturday Night! (genre: disco)

Morning Musume - Nanchatte Renai (genre: contemporary R&B)

Morning Musume - Help me!! (genre: J-pop)

Airi Suzuki - Break it Down (genre: J-pop)

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