The Troll Poll: Liepard

How well has Swagger Liepard worked for you in NU?

  • Extremely well; I have often swept with it

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Ok; It works for me sometimes

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Very poorly: It has never worked well for me

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So, this thread is gonna be about Liepard, the ultimate troll of NU. Not Liepard in general, but the Swagger/T-wave Liepard.

Trait: Prankster
- Swagger
- Thunder Wave
- Substitute
- Foul Play

Basically, this thread is for a discussion of how this Liepard set has worked, or does work. Anything related to this set that you wish to say, write it here :) So far, Liepard has worked very well for me, because many people underestimate it. No one switches out whilst in on it, so sometimes you can get the free kill on a lead Golurk.

0- Atk Liepard Foul Play vs. 176 HP / 0 Def Golurk: 372-440 (102.47 - 121.21%) -- guaranteed OHKO

And if you get overall lucky, it works very well in my opinion. That's why i want to hear yours :)
I really don't like this form of Liepard. Parafusion is a legit, yet annoying, strategy but it doesn't stop this thing from being an absolute troll.

I'd be quite interested to see how Piloswine stands up to this thing. An immunity to Thunderwave plus Icicle Spear to break through Substitute and its own priority in Ice Shard (although Liepard would have to use Foul Play in order for it to go first) means it isn't completely screwed over. That's all hoping that it doesn't hurt itself in confusion though, so it's by no means a perfect counter.

Oops I just noticed this was about how Liepard has worked for me not against me.
I cannot give my opinion about my usage of Liepard, but I have encountered the troll many times now. I have to say, it has annoyed me every damn time I was pitted against it.

Liepard is a troll. It uses thunder wave to slow you down, swagger to make you confused and substitute to be able to take a hit or two without taking too much damage. This in combination with Prankster is a bitch to deal with. You have to wear it down slowly, as Prankster will make it so you have to beat a couple of subs without being able to surpass it. It will make you cry if your opponent uses it well, which was almost every single time I encountered it.

I hate this thing, so I'm planning on using it in the near future. It's a set that doesn't require much thinking though, so I'm not too fond of using it myself. It's good for making you laugh at the pain of your opponent, so I'll give it a try...

Just, don't use it too often, please.

EDIT: JCM is right.
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