The Ubers Open II - Round 1

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I've asked TIWSS to battle on many seperate occasions on PO and he's said he has to wait until he gets teams or he doesn't respond and he's not very active so... I mean I should definitely get the Activity Win.
battle me now
i was looking for you the last two days but didnt see you!

Edit: Beat CaseKace 2-1 in some ggs, was fun man
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if there's anyway me and my opp could get an extension into noonish est tomorrow that'd be swell :) (massive timezone differences + a couple obstacles)
Extension until tomorrow please thank you kindly. I've been on at the time I said I would (6:45pm my time) every day, but my opponent's not been there. I'll see if I can get on a little earlier to get it done.
it would be great if we could get an extension till tomorrow. I was on every day except the day he got on, but we will try to get it done
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