The UU Open IX - Round 1

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activity request. Tried scheduling with my sub multiple times but he wasn’t very responsive and only offered one option for a time I already said I couldn’t make. Havent heard back from him now and cant play tomorrow.
Activity. My opponent mix did not show up for the first sheduled time then suggested a new one, which I initially forgot to answer, but he was not even online at that time despite the deadline being today. If possible I will still try to get it done but before I forget it I am posting this just in case.

E: sheduleing was quite weird, would not mind an extension if possible but dunno if that is how it works (i didnt respond in time for the other time that was suggested and the rest was kinda complicated lol)

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Opponent hasn't answered the VM I sent trying to reschedule with him earlier this week. I even tried looking for him randomly through the week by searching hes nickname on Pokemon Showdown (Astrologistic), but he was never online. Proof of scheduling.
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act neither of us showed up at original time and opp hasn’t responded to rescheduling requests
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