The UU Open IX - Round 2

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Welcome to the ninth iteration of UU Open, hosted by Boat! This is the first UU Open in Generation 8! Whether you're a veteran with something to prove or a newbie looking for your breakout, I wish you the best of luck.

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • Grand Slam rules can be found here.
  • Standard SS UU.
  • Best-of-three, single elimination.
  • Battles should take place on Pokemon Showdown!, on the Smogtours server.
  • SS cartridge win conditions are in place; there are no ties.
  • Tiers are locked at the beginning of each round.

About playing on alts: It is entirely allowed to play on an alt other than your own main forum name, though if your opponent wishes to confirm your identity, you must log on to your main alt to show them you are who you claim to be. This is to prevent people from pretending to be who they're not.

About playing on different servers: Tournament matches must be played on the Smogtours server. The Main PS! server is also acceptable if both parties agree to that. Other servers are not sanctioned by the TD team and playing in them might result in your game not counting. Protect yourself from that by playing in Smogtours, where we also have the power to recreate games that end due to DC's.


On scouting opponents: Going through your opponents replays of tournament and ladder games is entirely allowed, as long as a game is public there is nothing preventing you from watching it. An exception to this is abusing powers granted to you by being staff on Smogon or PS! to gain access to information a normal user wouldn't have access to, which is strictly forbidden.

On leaking teams: Divulging private information about someone's planned team to their opponent is never allowed, and will be heavily sanctioned. Requesting that such information be divulged is also grounds for punishment. Keep your scouting to publicly available information and you'll be fine.

Timer Clause / Disconnections

On the Timer: The timer must stay on throughout the whole battle, not to be turned off even in the case of a player disconnecting as we now have a separate disconnection timer (more details here). The timer may not be turned off in any circumstance.

On Timeout losses: A player that loses by having all his time run out loses the game. This is only not the case if the player that received the timeout loss can be verified to have suffered a True Disconnection. Rematches in such cases are not allowed.

On True Disconnection: The TD team has a secret threshold of seconds that your timer must be at or above, from the moment you disconnect, for a timeout loss to be considered a True Disconnection. If your game is determined to be a True Disconnection if you played on Smogtours and contacted a TD before the room expired your game will be recreated up to the point the disconnect happened. It is the responsibility of the player that disconnected to get a TD into the room before it expires.

Battle Clauses:
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Timed Battle
  • Team Preview
General recommendations:
  • Contact your opponent as soon as possible upon the round going up. Activity cases are going to be handled in a very strict manner.
  • When scheduling, offer as wide a swathe of time when you are available to play. 1 hour of activity on one or two weeknights is unlikely to be considered acceptable.
  • Schedule specifically - do not schedule for "Friday afternoon" or "Sunday morning", pick a date, a time and note the timezone.
  • If I catch news of ghosting or some other sort of nefarious play, I reserve the right to investigate to the full limits of my ability in conjunction with the TD team, provided there is adequate evidence to warrant it.
That aside, feel free to get back to me or a tournament director if you still have any questions regarding this tournament (or Grand Slam in general) after reading this post. Since this is Smogon's biggest individual UU tournament, I'm expecting a lot of excellent moments, a high level of competition, and a lot of Noivern!

Last but not least, aside from points towards qualifying for Grand Slam playoffs, this tournament is part of the UU Tournament Circuit, so points for that will also be awarded accordingly depending on how well you do.

Good luck to all competitors!

The deadline for extended matches from Round 1 is Thursday, July 2nd, at 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4).

Hockey1  vs  Maki's Fox
ToastedBunzzz02  vs  umbreon098
jcbc  vs  Pohjis
Ramolost  vs  Nat
xray  vs  Feliburn
snøfall  vs  Malekith
EpicBoost  vs  Yay
xtra$hine  vs  ToadNorton
Mysterious M  vs  OminousDraco
Luisin  vs  HSA
Garay oak  vs  GunGunJ
Estarossa  vs  Dominatio
Conflux  vs  Kushalos
egalvanc  vs  dahli
Bouff  vs  Louna
hellpowna  vs  GOAO
Adrift and Alone  vs  Anish
swagapult  vs  Royal1604
xSkelly34  vs  blarghlfarghl
RaJ.Shoot  vs  Cheese5555
jeronipuff  vs  Hamhamhamhamham
pj  vs  Vulpix03
Groudon  vs  Highways
Viduf  vs  Chaitanya
lyd  vs  Eeveeto
basaninho  vs  Lopunny Kicks
yeezyknows  vs  Hammy
Mikaav  vs  Youngster_Bill
Eric079  vs  Ampha
Draphirion  vs  Sjneider
Energy  vs  trace
Mazinger  vs  StepC
bugzinator  vs  Xiri
Its all RNG  vs  Pikachu090
pokeisfun  vs  ima
-Niko-  vs  Djokra
JoeDaHoe64  vs  Ah coup d'etat
Pepeduce  vs  Bluxio
TJ  vs  p2
vivalospride  vs  Bobby Dagen
fitzy72  vs  Heika
xavgb  vs  TaxiCab
Sacri'  vs  Leo
monchooo  vs  SiTuM
termi  vs  Nevve
Indigo Plateau  vs  martha
Freeroamer  vs  Wanka
Ganso  vs  TMM
Ajna  vs  l'habitat
Waylaid  vs  Christo
TectonicDestroyer  vs  MAMP
Eccalliti ✿  vs  KlefkiHolder
Cam  vs  Serene Grace
kythr  vs  Techno Strike
EternalSnowman  vs  ziloXX
poh  vs  RahelGamer03
Mike Cometa  vs  James2464
Starfire06  vs  UltraBallz
Pheo'  vs  Santu
LittEleven  vs  gum
Luthier  vs  TSR
Luirromen  vs  Enzo Gorlami
Maxomega  vs  Eternal Spirit
KingKdot  vs  Fish1899
Joya  vs  Jytcampbell
ZoroDark  vs  daunt vs
Slyish  vs  DugZa
vooper  vs  ProDigeZz
Solivagant  vs  100percentpureheat
zben  vs  sand1234
Kaboom  vs  D2TheW
hs  vs  Reje
Quartosa  vs  McMeghan
Dj Breloominati♬  vs  SaDiSTiCNarwhal
vani  vs  robjr
BK  vs  SuperMarioPoke
ORAS-Mega  vs  Dragon Claw
tlenit1  vs  Decem
Daiyaga  vs  MetalGro$$
toinha  vs  Osh
KSt3ve  vs  K3ppr
ilesaural  vs  TheFranklin
Lilburr  vs  Kebab mlml
SoulWind  vs  EviGaro
jacob  vs  Xizaaa
Star  vs  Quaze
DreamScream  vs  watashi
zugubu royale  vs  Oibaf
High Impulse  vs  Elderocs
RedEmption  vs  Haru
Lord Thorx  vs  Adaam
starry blanket  vs  lighthouses
jackinthebox1210  vs  Vaboh
Confide  vs  CBU
m00la  vs  snaga
Eve  vs  Amukamara
Dflo  vs  Sapientia
Socrates1O1  vs  Sificon
Askov  vs  NEWAL
Toadow  vs  Regnite
Nalorium  vs  MetaRiolu7
CKW  vs  Flawless Nazgul
TioDragonite  vs  the pharoah
SANJAY  vs  Mr.Bossaru
Elgino10  vs  Averardo
MZ  vs  Gei
eifo  vs  Bad feeling
Blue YM  vs  Hurtadoo
KingSky  vs  hidden
-Latios-  vs  London13
Shoot  vs  Finchinator
Saaram  vs  Luigi
Gondra  vs  Ainzcrad
HJAD  vs  Fardin
schneeschwarz vs  Serpi
TopLel TopKek  vs  Kev
TDK  vs  Dodorik
Qeyo  vs  pattek
Corckscrew  vs  false
PasteurPS  vs  jake
Kiichikos  vs  Euglena
beatiful  vs  Nineage
DezShizzels  vs  Ahmad Alfatih
Marshall.Law  vs  Riku Sakuraba
eclipseY  vs  xDanyul
banks  vs  Pataozinho
Wigglytuff  vs  Sabella
lax  vs  Hiro'

Pairings were generated at

The deadline for Round 2 is Sunday, July 5th, at 11:59 PM EDT (GMT -4).
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