The UU Open V - Round 2

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i tell my ppl i don't need love but
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lost, ggs to nails. got passed a team that was 6-0d by a mon g1 and lost g2 cuz i don't know how to use the calc after playing pkmn for 3 years weeee
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it's a thug life ¨̮
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I thought we scheduled for 11:30pm EST tonight but my opponent misread pm and assumed am. We're going to try to reschedule.
Just a quick reminder that I expect all extended R1 matches to be completed by 11:59 PST tonight. No further extensions will be given.


إسمي جف
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levitate, levitate, levitate, levitate
lost in 2, g1 clean
game 2 was super shit, would have been relatively easy w/o bad 30%s :(

gl in rest AM
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