The UU Open VI - Round 2

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Hi Pearl my opponent blarghlfarghl never responded to my vm on Friday asking him if he was cool asking for an extension to Monday/Tuesday. I'm on vacation with my family through tonight, but I am completely free the next two days.


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Requesting an extension, even if Aurora messed up the things when I said "tomorrow" yesterday since he's from Australia. I'm really annoyed by this because he messed up the times because I didn't mention any extension, and he never answered my VM, immediately asking for an extension, only Saturday, on discord.
I call activity. I messaged my opponent on Monday and again on Wednesday but still haven't heard back and he's not been on in over a week. I have put forth as much effort to make it happen. My opponent was luxuryball13 if you want to check and see he hasn't logged in.
we scheduled for 1 hour ago and my opp didnt show up, ill be able to play later today but calling activity if we dont get it done

e: opp told me to take the win in pms
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