The UU Open VI - Round 4

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Lost to RedMaxx in two matches. Good games, was sad that my UU Open run was falling short once again.

(replays available upon request)
win in 3 'gg" i guess

sorry if i had to use the timer but you misscheduled yesterday and i litteraly don't have time to stay there any longer.


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When I reached out to schedule I asked to play during the week and u instantly told me without a question you wanted to play on a weekend 1 day before the deadline. Yeah Saturday seemed fine at the time but we had all week to get this done and had to accommodate to you for reasons unknown. It's pretty difficult for you to sit there and get on me for missing a time when there's hardly anything to fall back on when u schedule a day before a deadline. Shit happens, I let you know I got hung up that day and we saw each other later than night and u decided you didn't want to play because it was late, which is ok i guess it was 1am for you but it was a chance nonetheless. I went out of my fucking way to get this done today during a damn baby shower and i let you know multiple times throughout the series than that my phone was running low and u legit sat there before game 3 after I challenged you and waited for 10 fucking minutes not responding to me trying to ask you to play this last game. Idk what u gotta do, but you told me you could play that time today so there's a good to fair chance you wanted to run my phone out and/or take a long ass time to build a cteam on purpose that third game seeing as I brought the same team twice in the first 2 games. I couldn't get a charger quick enough that third game, i snagged my cousins so if there is a way we can do that third game we should. but I call bullshit on this.
Scheluded with my opp to play 24 min ago. He didn't showed up and I'm gonna watch FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid with friends in 36 minutes, so I won't be able to play tonight. Not sure if we'll be able to play tomorrow, I hope so. Anyway, act.
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