The UU Open VIII - Finals [Won by Adaam]

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great display throughout adaam, it has been enjoyable seeing you tearing it up since last spl and watching someone so dedicated to exploring the tier on their own taking the open feels even better. good job on corazans and on pearls end as well, some of these games definitely could have gone either way.
already touched on this briefly w/ adaam himself, but it's pretty dope that the symbolic uu open trophy gets to stay in the uu community one more time. genuinely happy with how your ascend in the uu community has played out, and it's nice to see people who still try their best to keep this (arguably) bad metagame fresh getting rewarded for their efforts at the end of the day. congratulations! enjoy it champ, and enjoy playoffs as well, my gut is telling me those are gonna be excellent too

as for me, big shoutout to the usual suspects TDK TonyFlygon and col49 for carrying my ass through it all. semifinals into finals back to back is no victory, but it feels pretty damn good nonetheless. maybe next year is the one i win for good? gotta stay tuned for that i guess :psynervous:


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It was a lot of fun learning and playing the tier and im def looking forward to play it more, congrats again to Adaam, very well deserved! Very nice run by Pearl too as usual, huge shoutout to cclm, filo gang, tss, leviathans and friends for the support/test games/teams til the semis.
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