The UU Open VIII - Round 4

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ZoroDark vs SparksBlade - was given the win, just for the record
TJ vs Darksafadao - Darksafadao had to contact TJ even though TJ won his round 2 extension on the day round 3 went up, and put in no effort to schedule besides "play now". Darksafadao was also unavailable in scheduling in the extension, but the earlier part puts him in favor
runt vs HJAD - runt missed schedule time


Tournament Banned
afk for an hour my balls, the scheduled time was right when you posted this, and if you can't do it anymore today you can find some time tomorrow, mr. "available weekend any time"
You said 11 pm your time. You are gmt+2. I'm gmt-6. Therefore you are 8 hours ahead of me. So that means it would be at 3pm for me, which is when I came on, and I waited an hour. I made my act call post at 4:06 pm.

There may have been a misunderstanding on the determined time for you. I don't mind trying to get a time tomorrow, I'm just saying that I was correct about the time on this one.
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