The Walkthrough Tournament - XY Edition [Round 1]

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Question about the starters. Are hidden abilities legal or not? Sorry if this question has already been answered, if it has I haven't noticed.
I didn't see my opp in the day that we had to play. I will try to find him tomorrow and play, activity.


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so radli has come on twice since i vm'd him that ive seen, still no response, so activity i guess
activity post. Ginga VMed me at the start of the round, and I replied shortly after to try and schedule a time. I also VMed him a few days ago and have still not gotten a response out of him.
Activity post. mfHoundoom vm'd me to start, but outside of once asking if I randomly wanted to play he has not been in contact. I've been trying to set up a time and will continue to sit on PS, but unless something changes it will be difficult to get this done.
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