Finals The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Finals [Won by Team US West]

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SM OU: craing ;_; vs Eternal Spirit - papi is papi
SM OU: z0mOG vs Luigi - gb is gb
SM OU: lax vs Tamahome - tama is legend
SM OU: blarghlfarghl vs KratosMana - blargh suck
ORAS OU: Meru vs Nintendi - for God's sake, nintendistagamer wins with ease
BW OU: Oristeros vs Rewer - Revver is Revver
DPP OU: Philip7086 vs Hyogafodex - hyoga is fodex
ADV OU: undisputed vs elodin - burguês is burguês
GSC OU: Valentine vs Century Express - blissey+zard
RBY OU: rozes vs Caetano93 - caetano is caetano
I'm glad everyone is to be sure to wait to the next Sunday to play their games responsibly since as we all know this isn't the proper Sunday for mons. Much to popular belief people don't play on Sundays due to convenience of managing real life commitments through the week. It's in fact a long standing tradition to play at the last possible moment because of the utter thrill it brings to everyone. I must say as a spectator I'm brimming with joy every time that this site follows the code to play at the last minute as it really drives up the suspense. Seriously well done, I'm squeezing the sides of my arm chair every time and every tour when people decide to play on the last day. I assure you its always a spectacle when the entire smog tours chat goes "Holy Guacamole the deadlines today?? and they're playing NOW???" I'm sure you all need the extra prep anyway since no one starting in the finals knows how to play their respective tiers (especially Valentine). A week isn't enough time if you ask me, two weeks would be more sufficient for replay lurking. Shoutouts to every tour player who knows how significant the clout gain system works, as its a proven success.

Heed my warning though that one of these days some degenerate will attempt to set a new precedent to attempt to play an actual set of games on a false Sunday or lord help me a week day(sick) without accordance of deadline standards (i threw up in my mouth just there). I'm certain whoever has the nerve to conduct such a blasphemous act will be cast out as an anarchist much like Leon Trosky or Lavospawn. By the way this post has nothing to do with my girlfriend breaking up with me today and having no plans now. No, nothing at all. It also wasn't over a tiny penis so don't even bring it up, its not true. It doesn't even matter. What matters is if one set of these players would sadly attempt to break through the deep state to show they are maverick minded individuals and trainers alike. I find the very thought deplorable so don't attempt to make a name for yourself by being a rebelious trainer fellow brochachos. Despite the tabloids that would run wild about your sheer audacity that a so called person would play a set of games not on the official play date. Even considering all your fans that would scream "bravo my avocado!" you still are ultimately a danger to the system and will be silenced indefinitely. The upper echelons of the Smogon elite are watching so don't fuck things up, stick to your script and play on the following Sunday like you are told.
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