The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Introduction


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didnt ever want to make a post like this, but i think at this point its the post i have to make. i took on the pr originally at the start because nobody else had done it (for wcop) and i was feeling confident and thought i would have enough free time to do it. i originally planned on doing it with other people but that ended up falling through and i felt good enough about doing it on my own. the process started off well with me getting all the ranks, but when it came to writing a combination of stuff flaring up in real life and me constantly deleting and re-writing whatever i had. in the end it just became too much for me to handle and i should have realized that earlier. i dont want to release writeups im not happy with, and at the moment thats all i have. i dont think ill be trying to do these again, and if i do itll just be a small part. i apologize to all the people who have been waiting on these rankings, and were expecting fun write ups to go alongside them. ill just post them here so you can all see them.
sheet with rankings

SM Rankings:

1. Northeast
2. France
3. Brazil

4. Italy
5. South
6. West
7. Germany
8. Spain
9. Asia
10. Europe
11. United Kingdom
12. Canada
13. Midwest
14. Latin America
15. Greece
16. Oceania

ORAS Rankings:

2. craing ;_;
3. xray

4. poek
5. FlamingVictini
6. star
7. nintendi
8. eo
9. baddummy
10. santu
11. lusa
12. le LLiolae
14. zycross
15. altina
16. savouras

BW Rankings:

1. SoulWind
2. dice
3. Finchinator

5. Posho
6. Conflict
7. The Grand Babido
8. Pearl
9. bad ass
10. BK
11. reymedy
12. Sand Castle
13. ace-11
14. Toxzn
15. Analytic
16. oristeros

DPP Rankings:

1. August
2. Philip7086
3. Malekith

4. Fakes
5. DeepBlueC
6. Honor
7. -Tsunami-
8. vay
9. TonyFlygon
10. Golden Sun
11. Lycans
12. Hyogafodex
14. Texas Cloverleaf
15. Christos21
16. Groudon

ADV Rankings:

1. thelinearcurve
2. undisputed
3. McMeghan

4. M Dragon
5. Gilbert arenas
6. Triangles
7. UD
8. Alexander.
9. eden's embrace
10. elodin
11. Void
12. Windsong
13. Melle2402
14. Heysup
15. CyberOdin
16. amber lamps

GSC Rankings:

1. Lavos
2. BKC
3. Earthworm

4. Jimmy Turtwig
5. Sulcata
6. Century Express
7. Astamatitos
8. Mr. E
9. FriendOfMrGolem120
10. giara
11. Tricking
12. Jirachee
13. Rodriblutar
14. arifeen
15. Diophantine
16. Raichy

RBY Rankings:

1. Heroic Troller
2. roudolf13
3. Peasounay

4. Nails
5. Metalgro$$
6. Lusch
7. teal6
8. Hipmonlee
9. HML am
10. genesis7
11. hantsuki
12. d0nut
13. ima
14. vileman
15. Kingler12345
16. [K-12] The Madchine

Overall Rankings:

1. Northeast: 110
2. West: 88
3. France: 83

4. Italy: 82
5. Germany: 81
6. South: 81
7. Spain: 79
8. Brazil: 72
9. Europe: 66
10. Oceania: 62
11. Midwest: 60
12. Canada: 57
13. United Kingdom: 48
14. Asia: 45
15. Greece: 37
16. Latin America: 36


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The custom WCoP PS! avatars are officially up! You can use these in your games by typing /avatar wcop2019[region] in the lobby before you start. As I'm on Team Europe, the command for me would be /avatar wcop2019europe, for example. For the US teams, don't forget to add "us" before your region. The avatars work on PS! main server as well.

A huge thank you goes out to Kalalokki and rozes for their help in making these and thank you again Zarel for letting us use these in the first place. If you're curious how every team's avatar turned out, here they all are:









Latin America



United Kingdom

US Midwest

US Northeast

US South

US West


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I collected a mildly interesting set of Round 1 statistics from the last 5 years of WCoP, for people who enjoy mildly interesting statistics (cutoff point is 5 years because that's when R1 was expanded to 30 games per team)

- US Northeast's 21-9 is a new record for best performance in any Round 1, beating a record of 20-10 which they set themselves in 2017 and had been tied by Brazil and France in 2018. With the results from 2019 Northeast passed France and are now the team that averages the most wins in Round 1, sitting at 17.8, a full point over runners-up France and Germany who both averaged 16.8 wins per season for the last five years.

- Greece's 7-23 is the single worst performance of any team yet, beating the previous record of 8-22 from Latin America in 2018. Despite these results, they are still not the team with the worst average record per year: their average of 12.5 wins per season barey edges out UK's 12.4 wins per season, and still decisively beats out the defunct US Metro's 11.33 wins per season, which remains the worst average to date by a good distance.

- While France's downfall was certainly eye-catching, the biggest performance swing from last year to this year was by Latin America, who improved by a remarkable 10 wins. Amazingly, Latin America holds all three of the biggest swings from one participation to the next: they improved their 2015 record by 10 with their next participation in 2017 (having skipped 2016), then managed 11 less wins than that in 2018, and now improved by 10 again in 2019. France's 8-game swing from 2018 is 2019 is still the biggest swing ever for teams other than Latin America.

- Team Europe has been improving their performance little by little every year, starting with a 13-17 in 2015, improving to 14-16 in 2016, 16-14 in 2017, 17-13 in 2018, and now 18-12 in 2019. 30-0 Team Europe in 2031? No other team has managed any similarly consistent improvements.

- Team UK is the only team to have never made playoffs amongst the ones with 4+ participations in the last 5 years. They also haven't been able to match, let alone beat their best record of 14-16 set in 2016, so there aren't many signs of this changing anytime soon. :(

- Spain had a very polarized performance in 2019, with the best SM in the tournament (10-2, with the second best only reaching 8-4), but their oldgens tied for 2nd worst across the board (6-12, only second to Greece's 5-13). US Northeast takes the record for best oldgens (13-5), while Greece unfortunately also takes the record for worst SM (2-10).

- In 2015 US Central managed to win 17 games and place themselves above US East, as they only managed 16. Since then, the top 2 US teams in round 1 have always been Northeast and West, with all of Central, Metro, Midwest, and South failing to outright outperform them despite occasionally achieving some ties. 2019 has not changed this statistic, with South only managing to tie West. While we're talking about US teams, all four of them managed to repeat or improve their records from 2018 to 2019 - could we see 4 US teams make top 8 next year?

- If the last game of the round, Vore Gidal vs Valentine, went the other way, then we wouldn't have had a single team repeat their record from 2018 - but since Vore Gidal won, both Oceania and US West matched their exact records from 2018 (17-13 and 16-14 respectively).

- Many great players were eliminated in this Round 1, but it looks like the GSC fans will not lose out on much: the bottom 7 teams combined for a miserable total 4-17 in the tier, a complete outlier from all the other tiers, which were all in the range of 8-13 to 10-11. (Can't include the 9th place in the calculations because it will only be decided after the tiebreakers.)

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