The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Qualifying Round (Round 2)

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I'ms ure there will be a replay logs thread, but I feel it's a shame we don't have it already, so I'm getting the links in here. And if they are to be included later on, well, the author won't have to look for them, at least.

Qualifications R1

India vs China

SM OU: AquaFinity vs yjh971203
SM OU: So Noisy vs popoling
SM OU: sand1234 vs Langzi- -
ORAS OU: J0RIS vs psychicmewtwo
BW OU: Serene Grace vs Separation (not played)
DPP OU: Dj Breloominati♬ vs wuqianying
ADV OU: Winterains vs dragonitenb
GSC OU: OminousDraco vs guangguang (not played)
RBY OU: Mikaav vs beiying 1 2 3

the Netherlands vs Austria

SM OU: Jordy vs MJ
SM OU: frisoeva vs Necrozma
SM OU: Knuckstrike vs Liones
ORAS OU: Michielleus vs austriangeorge (not played)
BW OU: Jarii vs Phil de Mon
DPP OU: Drud vs mael
ADV OU: tjdaas vs neomon
GSC OU: TheWall vs Charmflash
RBY OU: Djokra vs Bedschibaer 1 2 3

Qualifications R2

Asia vs the Netherlands

SM OU: Fruitdealer vs Jordy
SM OU: Chill Shadow vs frisoeva
SM OU: CKW vs Knuckstrike
ORAS OU: Altina vs Michielleus
BW OU: Analytic vs Jarii
DPP OU: DeepBlueC vs Drud
ADV OU: eden's embrace vs tjdaas
GSC OU: Arifeen vs TheWall
RBY OU: Kingler12345 vs Djokra 1 2 3

Latin America vs China

SM OU: Lycans vs popoling
SM OU: ZDen vs Langzi- -
SM OU: Spectear vs yjh971203
ORAS OU: Lusa vs psychicmewtwo
BW OU: Posho vs Separation
DPP OU: Gondra vs wuqianying
ADV OU: CyberOdin vs dragonitenb
GSC OU: Vileman vs chengduoldsuperbro成都老超哥
RBY OU: Raichy vs beiying 1 2 3

Mods and TDs feel free to edit this anytime, or to copy it.

(thanks for the players who added their replay link in their post, made this a lot easier)
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