The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Round 1

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Before the final match of this tiebreak, we would like to clarify the rules in case of another reset:

Every team gets to pick one SM player to play the other teams' SM players in a Best-of-1 Round Robin. This is repeated until we get a 2-0, 1-1, 0-2 scenario. Whichever team goes 2-0 advances as 7th seed, and 1-1 as 8th seed, with 0-2 being out.

The picked players are expected to be here at the deadline of this current round of tiebreak (4 PM Eastern Time, GMT-4). The players will keep on facing each other until the tie is broken. Johnning will not be tolerated; you can use the time that the others are playing for your bathroom or dinner breaks, or even for building more teams if you feel that is necessary. If at least 2 players refuse to battle and no game has been played yet, !pick will be used to determine who faces off first. If one match has been played and neither of the players from this match want to play the third player, !pick will be used to determine which match gets played first. If you are picked, or part of the only remaining battle, and absolutely refuse to battle, we will ask for you to be force substituted. If you are not substituted, you will be disqualified.

Unlike in regular tiebreak, substitutions are allowed without any big issue. This has the potential to go on for hours, so if a player needs to go or needs to be subbed out, that can happen at any time. However, once a player has been subbed out, they cannot be subbed back in. If a manager does not have the time to watch over the tiebreak, they can relay the rights to substitute to any one of their players. Said players can also give that right to other players if they must leave. If a manager returns, they are, of course, expected to resume their duties and will be the ones doing the substitutions.

If the tie is not broken by 11:59 PM GMT-4, the remaining matches in the current set of Round Robin will be played. If the tie still remains unbroken, !pick will be used to determine who advances. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, and good luck everyone.
I will be taking over US South from now on. PM me to get an invite link to our teams discord server. We will learn from the mistakes done by the current US South team and apply them. From now on we will no longer assume that anyone with a three-letter capitalized acronym for a username is good at Pokemon. To ensure no mistakes happen in our lineups we will be having this new policy where tryouts are mandatory. I hope to see you guys fired up on the battlefield next year.

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