Theorized Mega Evolution Meta Game

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I have a proposal. What I propose is a new meta game / tier (still unsure of what the terms are) that allows you to construct Theorized Mega Evolved Pokemon.

The functions of it is: only one pokemon can have a theorized mega evolution and can edit base stat total limited to 100 added base stats total all stats except HP, it will function as a mega evolution the first stage (Un-mega evolved pokemon) retains it's regular base stat total but the mega evolved version can have it's base stats edited again limited to only 100 added base stats you can also change it's ability if you want to or even change it's type.

Requirements: This meta game will follow the rules of the OU tier of Pokemon XY, and the theorized mega evolved pokemon must carry what I like to call "Blank-nite" which is the substitute for whatever mega stone the pokemon could have and functions like one. (theorized mega evolution not required)

Restrictions: Yet again only one pokemon on your team can have a theorized mega evolution, and nor will you be allowed to mega evolve real mega evolved pokemon. It follows all the restrictions, rules, clauses etc. from the OU tier XY, and only fully evolved pokemon can be theorized mega evolutions so No Mega Magikarp! (lol)

Sprites: *Optional* if Possible on Pokemon Showdown's part allow a theorized mega evolved pokemon sprite to be uploaded on the sprite of the mega evolved pokemon and again it is not necessary and on the the health bar of the mega evolved pokemon should have a symbol indicating that is the mega evolved pokemon.

Please rate, critique or add on to my proposal if you want and see if you can make this possible ;D


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Hello, welcome to Smogon.

This kind of thread doesn't really belong here, and would be much better placed in the Other Metagames forum, which is here. If you wish to create a metagame, use the OM Submissions Forum, and the OM mods will come and examine it.

Again, welcome to Smogon and I hope you enjoy your stay. I apologize if I've broken any rules here.
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