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1. Global Rules: All site wide Smogon rules apply.

2. Content and Organization: Each OP and reply to a thread must provide content or contribute to the discussion. In an opening post, we expect you to introduce a topic of discussion and your own thoughts in response. In a reply, posting supporting material is encouraged, but your argument and the points you are replying to should be clear. Don't post duplicate topics, try to check the last couple of pages to see if a thread has been started already. We may delete, edit, or move content so it can be properly organized.

3. Conduct: We will not tolerate personal attacks. You are expected to attack the arguments, not the poster. It is also in poor form to misrepresent a poster's arguments or beliefs based on your impression of them as a person. We reserve the right to edit or delete posts based on their involvement in poor conduct. Cong doesn't have to be a serious forum all the time, but a well received joke isn't an invitation to shitpost.

4. Moderation: If you have an issue with a poster and believe they are displaying poor conduct, you may bring it to our attention via a report or by contacting us privately. You should do the same if you have an issue with how we've enforced any of our rules. We promise to be approachable and explain our thought process, and in return we expect you to respect the rules by not reversing mod edited posts, reposting deleted posts, or minimodding. Finally, it's important to note that the ultimate discretion of the moderators is final.

5. Respect: Distinct from overt or isolated personal attacks, we wish to promote a culture of respect above all else. If someone has taken the time and energy to reply to your post in a thoughtful and productive manner, consider taking that into account in your response. We as moderators will not judge posters for the content of their ideas, but hateful rhetoric which makes fellow community members feel uncomfortable or unwelcome will never be tolerated.


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I posted this a week or two back in the 2020 Trump thread, but I’ve realised that it being buried in a thread isn’t good, so I’m posting it again here.

Posts that say things akin to “don’t bother responding” are not going to be tolerated from here on out. When you post in a thread or respond to someone, you are opening yourself to being responded to; you have no obligation to respond to someone if they respond to you, so if you do not want to argue with someone then do not post.
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