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hello guy thread posters. guy thread is getting flooded with people juts prefixing "guy who" before any random thought/response they have to another post in the thread.
try to maintain at least some level of originality/uniqueness for your hypothetical guys. this thread is a smogoff family heirloom passed down from grandpa phoopes!


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guy who gets together with 5 other guys to drive up the post count in a thread with unfunny and unoriginal posts increasing the page count from 15 to 20 in a single month almost entirely ruining a funny and original thread.

Guy who mods smogoff and could delete all the unfunny/original posts of the last 5 pages of this thread to increase the threads longevity and overall funniness in the grandscheme of smogoff history but chooses not to because its a lot of work.

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