Thoughts about Dragons Exalted?

Well, with dragons exalted coming out, and getting some money for by birthday (Today) I was thinking about getting a booster box when it is released. All I really want to know is your thoughts on doing this, and if so, ideas for a deck using only cards that are in type.
Generally when you want to build a deck, it's more cost efficient to just figure out a decklist and buy all your cards from an online store like Troll and Toad or Collectors Cache.
Still, getting a Booster Box is fun, and you'll have stuff to trade as well as ptcgo codes, so it'll probably be worth it especially if it's a birthday present.

Edit: As far as decks go, if you're a beginner I would suggest getting a decklist online from a good source, like SixPrizes or Pokemandanlv45 on youtube. Garchomp/Altaria is a pretty simple and cheap deck that is still very competitive. Hope that helps :)


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Also I think the Dragonspeed theme deck is awesome for starting a garchomp/altaria deck since it comes already with the whole garchomp line except garchomp itself and one of the blend energies :3

Looking at the DRX EX lineup there's:

Ho-oH EX
Mew EX
Terrakion EX
Rayquaza EX (+tin)
Giratina EX
Registeel EX

Of these, I can see Mew, Terrakion and Registeel having the sort of staying power that keeps them at a respectable price. And even then, I wouldn't put any of them over $20 (maybe the full arts). There's also Secret Rayquaza, and of course the good Garchomp and Hydreigon to grab. After that though, the only half-decent cards to look forward to are Ninetales and Altaria, which are both not going to be in as high demand as any of the cards listed above (Altaria is this way because it's a Pre-release promo too).

If it were birthday money, I might get a box more as a gamble on getting a Secret Rayquaza than anything. I wouldn't say I'd get a box with my hard-earned cash though :P

Still... opening boxes is fun.
A personal Top 10 list of mine:

1. Emolga: Call for Family is one of the best (if not the best) set-up moves in the game.

2. Blend Energies: These were clearly designed with Dragons in mind, as most Dragons can take advantage of two of the four types on a Blend Energy rather than using one from each. GRPD is slightly better because it can be moved via Dark Trance.

3. Hydreigon (Dark Trance): This is like Klinklang, but better. Why? Because Darkness types have loads more support than Metal types, such as Darkrai EX's Dark Cloak and Dark Patch. For those that are in the dark on this one, Dark Trance lets you move your Darkness Energy to any Pokemon you want, similarly to Klinklang's Gear Shift.

4. Terrakion EX: Another addition to our many great Energy accelerators, such as Eelektrik, Emboar, and Dark Patch. For those that don't know, for (FFC), Pump-up Smash does 90 damage and attaches 2 Basic Energies from your hand to your Benched Pokemon in any way you like.

5. Mew EX: Versatility is a great thing on any card, and this one is no exception. Its Ability (aptly named Versatile) allows it to use an attack of any Pokemon in play. This allows for some insane combos that would otherwise be impossible. The only real downside is its extremely low HP for an EX combined with the 2 Prize drawback.

6. Rayquaza: Although being printed as a secret rare is unfortunate (and has never been done before), that doesn't make the card any less playable. Shred OHKOes any Dragon type before Giant Cape (Eviolite is still a OHKO). Great as a Sigilyph killer in mono-EX decks as well.

7. Garbodor: This living trash bag is most certainly not trash. Garbotoxin works as long as a Pokemon Tool is attached to Garbodor and nullifies all other Abilities that aren't named Garbotoxin. If a deck that uses it effectively can be found, it would make a great anti-meta; the problem is it needs to be a deck that can operate without Abilities.

8. Registeel EX: Triple Laser is a great spread attack and is splashable thanks to only needing Colorless energy.

9. Sigilyph: The only true EX wall in the entire format.

10. Rayquaza EX: Dragon Burst is very powerful and combos with both Emboar and Eelektrik.

Runner Up: Giratina EX: The only EX in the game that can kill Sigilyph via Shred. Possibly splashable into Darkrai/Hydreigon due to Blend GRPD support.

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