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heralds disaster.
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academy credits are pretty finite in terms of value. letting people "complete" the academy reqards faster just makes it less rewarding, sooner, when they attempt but don't clear technique-granting content
Suggestion 1: Allow winners to advance any one Pokemon used in at least one match of the TLG by 1 Level.
Pro: Grants players another avenue for advancement in an period where such options are sparse; increases the chance of an ostensibly newer player winning by imposing an optional handicap on the re-challenging player.
Con: Could make players question whether their victory was truly "earned" if their opponent wasn't playing with their strongest tools.

Suggestion 2: Allow players to claim a sum of JC instead of a Legendary Pokemon.
Pro: Incentivizes re-challenging TLG's by letting players skip what has been historically regarded as the most tedious part of the game.
Con: Contributes to the dreaded JC-positive economy.
I like the new T2 TLG format, but I have a comment: I don't think that the "opponents" should pay JC to oppose a challenge. As the players in this role cannot earn a prize of the same caliber as that available to the "challenger," collecting comparatively mundane counter awards instead of an exclusive Legendary Pokemon, they cannot be treated as competitors in the same sense as the challengers of Tournaments, Facilities, or T3 TLG's. Essentially, T2 TLG's are traditional Facilities whose battling and reffing duties have been split amongst a team that provides the same service to a single player as would the ref of a Battle Tree, Safari Zone, or other classic Roleplay. Therefore, the opponents shouldn't be expected to sacrifice any more for their participation than the ref.

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