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Quality Control Toni the Gastly


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name: Choice Scarf
move 1: Shadow Ball
move 2: Sludge Bomb
move 3: Trick
move 4: Destiny Bond
item: Choice Scarf
ability: Levitate
nature: Timid
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe


Gastly manages to carve a niche as a Choice Scarf user with its decent offensive stats, solid offensive typing, and a great movepool. However, its bulk holds Gastly back, as Gastly cannot switch into anything it isn't immune too, as even weak attacks such as Mareanie's Scald can 2HKO. This bulk, or lack there of, makes Gastly very easy to revenge kill with faster Choice Scarf users like Manectric and Leafeon as well as priority move users like Basculin and Gourgeist. Trick allows for Gastly to punish bulky Pokemon that can switch in such as Throh and Klang, although leaves Gastly at an average Speed tier for the rest of the match. Destiny Bond can take out threats to the rest of your team, such as setup sweepers like Swords Dance Falinks and Nasty Plot Raichu. However, be wary that if you are locked into Destiny Bond without being KOed, you can be taken advantage of by the previously mentioned setup sweepers. Thunderbolt or Will-O-Wisp can also be used in the last slot. Thunderbolt is able to hit certain targets that resist or are immune to Gastly's STAB moves such as Pawniard and certain bulky Pokemon such as Mareanie, although it is very situational. Will-O-Wisp cripples many physical attackers that can otherwise take a hit such as Greedent and Silvally-Bug, but can be taken advantage of when locked into.

Gastly can utilize its Choice Scarf to serve as a revenge killer and cleaner for wallbreakers such as Leafeon and Lapras. Both also appreciate their defensive checks such as Klang and Type: Null being crippled by Trick. Pawniard is a large problem for Gastly as it can switch into either of Gastly's STAB moves and take advantage of it to set up Swords Dance or Stealth Rock. Therefore, Fighting-types such as Throh and Falinks are beneficial as they can switch in against it. Bulky Pokemon such as Mareanie and Throh can also switch in against Gastly, although they fear Trick. But otherwise they can set up Toxic Spikes and Bulk Up, respectively. Finally, as previously stated, Gastly isn't difficult to revenge kill with faster Choice Scarf users such as Mr. Mime and Galarian Linoone as well as priority move users such as Gourgeist and offensive Mawile.

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