The Bulletin Board Post is a facility where trainers are paid UC to write educational articles about various aspects of BBP. These articles are aimed towards readers who are either beginners or complete newcomers; people who may have never even heard of BBP before.

If you are interested in writing an article, begin by reserving your subject here!

Article requirements:
  • For now, the facility will accept articles which describe a single subject (Pokemon, item, ability, mechanic, etc.) and explain how it functions differently from how it does in the videogame series.
  • Article length must be at least 3 paragraphs.
  • The article must include:
    • A title
    • A subject which has not been written about in the last 6 months.
    • At least one Key Difference about the subject that makes it function differently in BBP than it does in the videogame. It does not have to be something extreme.
    • An example of a strategy that utilizes this key difference. Anything, simple or complex, is fine.
    • At least 1 strength and 1 weakness that the subject has (when applicable). This mostly applies to subjects which are Pokemon or Items, but nevertheless try to find strengths and weaknesses for whatever your subject may be.
In the future, we may choose to accept a wider variety of articles.

Style Requirements:

While writing, keep in mind that these articles will be read by players who are unfamiliar with the rules of Battle-By-Post. Explain the game’s unique rules and mechanics thoroughly enough so that they can be understood as they come up in your article.

Example Article

Facility flow:

1. The author posts, in this thread, a brief summary of the article they wish to write. This will reserve the author's right to the subject for 3 weeks so that players don't double-up on their work. Each player can only reserve one subject at a time.

The post must include, briefly:
  • 1 Subject to write about
  • At least one Key Difference this subject has between BBP and the videogames
  • Example of a strategy in BBP which utilizes this key difference
  • If applicable, strengths/weaknesses (1 of each is fine)
NOTE: Please, before you post make sure that your subject is not already taken.

D/E Moves (10/9/2018)
Power Items (9/30/2018)
Energy (9/17/2018)
Zoroark (8/31/2018)
[b]Difference:[/b] (at least one difference between videogames and BBP)
[b]Strategy:[/b] (a strategy using that difference)
[b]Strengths:[/b] (at least one strength the subject has)
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (at least one weakness the subject has)
Subject: Zoroark
Difference: More durable than in videogame + full moveset = many more opportunities to abuse Illusion than in videogame
Strategy: Threaten with tricky moves like Counter, Taunt, Imprison, and Dig (moves it's rarely seen using in the videogame) to limit opponent's options when they're ordering
Strengths: Full moveset + ability makes Zoroark threatening when ordering second
Weaknesses: Cannot disguise equipped item (which is public knowledge in BBP), weak to Fairy-Types

2. After you have reserved a subject: work on your article inside the Article Workshop subforum. The Article Workshop is a creative space for writers to work on their articles and seek feedback.

3. When the article is ready for review, submit a link to it in the Editor's Desk (located in the Article Workshop) so your article can be looked at and approved by facility moderators!

After the article is finished and approved, you may claim 5UC at the Prize Claiming Thread. You may also reserve a new subject if you wish, but you must wait at least five (5) days before submitting your next article.
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Subject: Slaking
Difference: It's Achilles' heel functions differently in BBP, restricting EN usage on every other action instead of forcing Slaking to skip turns altogether.
Strategy: Use your odd actions to terrorize your opponent with a slew of powerful attacks and support tools, and make the most of your down time with Slaking's awesome power and disrupters.
Strengths: Slaking boasts a top-tier set of stats and moves at its disposal, which allows it to function well against much of the metagame.
Weaknesses: Slaking faces unique setbacks which limit its potential, including an increased need for planning ahead, smart move usage, and a special susceptibility to action-altering moves. Additionally, ordering first can be particularly difficult against certain foes.
Subject: Mothim
Difference: Signature items exist now, and Mothim's is particularly powerful going from completely irrelevant to a potentially deadly surprise.
Strategy: make use of your three 20 BAP Gust combos, alternating between them and your sluggish moves.
Strengths: Moth Dust allows Mothim to churn out a steady stream of undercosted moves, Tinted Lens mitigates resistances, and it can often threaten to ORKO opponents.
Weaknesses: Rock Types exist, item manipulation exists, and even without those problems Mothim is rather frail.


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Subject: Sableye
Difference: Able to use its entire movepool, and also a "signature" item in Everstone. Also, Stall only activates when you want it to.
Strategy: Threaten with a wide array of status moves including Taunt, Pain Split, Imprison, Quash (in doubles+), and Magic Coat, along with its decently-sized physical movepool coming off of rank 5 Attack with Everstone.
Strengths: Wide movepool, lack of 4MSS, high physical stats with Everstone, only one weakness, great abilities in Stall, Prankster, and Magic Bounce (if you opt for Mega Sableye).
Weaknesses: Low HP and average SpDef make it easily worn down by special moves, vulnerable to item removal and ability trickery, can't status enemy Dark-types.
Subject: Porygon-Z
Difference: Recharge moves doesn't make Pokémon waste a turn in BBP, enabling P-Z to use Hyper Beam at its fullest without worrying of being a dead weight next action.
Strategy: Hit as hard as possible with the help of its Abilities, base rank 5 SpA, STABed Hyper Beams and a wide array of coverage moves.
Strengths: Excellent fire power thanks to its high Special Attack, strengh-enhancing Abilities in Adaptability, Download and Analytic when you're slower, and a good offensive movepool; numerous utility moves to prevent the opponent from shutting down P-Z easily by the use of tricks.
Weaknesses: Quite frail, average Speed, Normal Type being weak to common Fighting moves such as Focus Blast, struggles a bit against Pokémon that resist Normal.
Subject: Energy Costs
Instead of PP, moves consume Energy (EN). Pokemon faint when their EN runs out. Stronger moves generally consume more EN. Consecutive attacks consume > EN, STAB attacks consume < EN.
Strategy: Alternate between your two strongest attacks to maximize Damage/EN ratio. Also, try to create situations where your opponent's subs force them to repeat expensive attacks.
Strengths: Having more EN than your opponent gives you more freedom / more options than your opponent has. Even when you're low on HP your opponent might have difficulty finishing you off if they don't have enough EN to use the moves they want to.
Weaknesses: Damage output usually dwarfs EN expenditure (and also Chill exists), so ENKO's are typically rare under ordinary circumstances.
Subject: Countermeasures to D/E Moves
Attacker emerges on turn move is used (at negative priority). Also, trainer can choose to delay re-appearance (at the cost of some EN) if the move allows it.
Strengths: D/E moves allow the user to evade moves while still attacking, and can potentially be used every action. Best used when at a speed advantage. Many Pokemon learn at least one D/E move.
Weaknesses: They tend to have high EN costs.
Strategy: React against D/E moves with positive or negative priority moves, your own D/E moves, Infiltrator, Speed-boosting moves, damage-returning moves (like Bide or Counter), or low-priority Combinations. Also, use Earthquake against Dig, Surf against Dive, etc.


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Subject: Power Items

Difference: Actually does something in battle this time around, providing boosts to a certain stat depending on the Item.
Strengths: Can turn the tide of battle if a boost is used right, whether it is defensively to shut down the opponent or offensively to grab a threatening boost in 1 action. Can also provide effective mixups due to the increased priority.
Weaknesses: Extremely gimmicky and predictable since they only function with a select set of moves and the opponent is aware of the item, respectively. You also have to sacrifice your item slot instead of going for a more "goodstuff" item like Rare Candy.
Strategy: Best used in the late-game of a long-running match to clutch out the win, or as a desperate measure to try to come back using stat boosts. While somehow even more gimmicky, can be used to trip up opponents using Encore or Taunt.
Subject: Delcatty
Difference: Lowered stat gap, Normalilze+Wonder Skin at same time, Moon Stone, Normalium-Z BAP boost
Strategy: Moon Stone+Double-Edge or Giga Impact -> Z-Move, finish off opponent with Fake Out
Strengths: Consistent burst damage, relatively easy to use, Wonder Skin provides security
Weaknesses: Normalize makes Delcatty highly matchup-dependent. Normal moves are never Super-Effective.


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Subject: Rock-types in general

Difference: Stat gap helps on offensive specialisation.
Strengths: Generic statistical bulk, above-average offensive power, higher-end mons more accessible due to lowered movepool costs.
Weaknesses: Still retains multiple weaknesses, requires Sandstorm weather to really become unstoppable.
Strategy: Control the flow of battle by alternate between defensive setups ordering first and rampage/control ordering second(?) Also never, ever get into 4x weak STAB match-ups.


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Subject: Spinda

Difference: Having all Abilities at once is nice, stat gap is reduced so it can actually fight on its own now.
Strengths: Own Tempo + Tangled Feet is really good in combination with Thrash or Berserk Gene, insane movepool, CONTRARY SUPERPOWER.
Weaknesses: Can't use OT/TF and Contrary with Berserk Gene all at once, only average stats, pure Normal typing is kind of eh.
Strategy: Boost with Superpower or annoy the opponent by using Thrash, which is also powerful, then use its wide movepool to abuse any mistake your opponent makes.
Subject: Spider Web
Traps (also does this on cartridge), also prevents contact, can be burned
Strategy: Galvantula can use it alongside Volt Switch to force a matchup in Singles, or Ariados can use it with Toxic Spikes to prevent the opponent from using Rapid Spin.
Strengths: Lasts up to 6 actions and opponent can't use a raw switch or U-Turn to end it early
Weaknesses: Less effective against Bug-Types and Fire-Types, Pokemon that learn it are immune
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Subject: Combinations
: Combine two attacks into one super-powerful attack, at the expense of being helpless next turn. Alternatively, combine an attack with itself to augment its power and effects.
Strengths: BBP's commonly 80+ move movepools allow for highly adaptable combinations. Choose attacks to influence the combo's power, attack priority, move type, effect potency, and accuracy in predictable ways.
Strategy: Basically unlimited amount of strategies, and useful for all Pokemon. Examples include: combining low accuracy (Thunder) with sure-hit move (Shock Wave) to guarantee a hit; combining super-effective move (Ice Punch) with priority move (Quick Attack) for a last-minute KO; combining a status move (Will-O-Wisp) with a spread attack (Heat Wave) to affect all opponents in a multi-battle; using damaging move (Rock Slide) with non-damaging move (Stealth Rock) while Taunted; or combining unique damaging move (Rapid Spin) with elemental move (Aqua Jet) to hit a Pokemon with type immunity.
Weaknesses: Cooldown makes combos risky when used carelessly. Except for unique Pokemon that can circumvent the cooldown (like Mothim), that makes them strictly a reactionary tool. Also, they have big EN costs.

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