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Base Stats:
HP: 79
Atk: 100
Def: 80
SpA: 110
SpD: 90
Spd: 121

The first thing that jumps out is 121 Speed. This is /somewhat/ of a benefit to Rain teams, which could be demolished by Serperior. The low Attack and Special Attack are kind of lame though, since Hurricane now doesn't hit as hard. However, you can slap a Specs and not have to worry about many things outspeeding you, unlike the normal Tornadus. I also like the Bulk Up Acrobat set, but instead of Brick Break, using Superpower. It nullifies one Bulk Up, which isn't necessarily hard to get.

Despite all of this, I still think Tornadus-T will fall into semi-obscurity like the normal forme did since it doesn't have a way to hugely boost its Special Attack, Stealth Rock weakness, among other things. What do you guys think about its coverage, checks, counters, and roles on rain and even non-rain teams?
It's a good mon for rain teams, and a nice lure for Thundurus-T with Volt Absorb. At least Tornadus-T can outspeed Garchomp =[

Other than that...I don't think this will turn out to be a force in the metagame. If Thundurus is nearing the brink of UU in DW then there's no chance for this guy after the initial "new toy!" hype dies down. Especially in a metagame where sand is so common at the highest level.
This thing will pretty much be only used to lure in Thundurus-T, like jrrrrrrr said, and to use a fast hurricane.

This thing did have the potential to be awesome (the 121 speed stat speaks for itself), but the nerf to special attack by 15 is very, VERY noticeable. Say you switch in this thing as a quickfire terrakion check, like Tornadus-I (normal Tornadus) did. From a Tornadus-I, you've got the OHKO, courtesy of its monstrous 125 Sp.A stat. People will try this strategy with Tornadus-T, only to find the Terrakion gets away with a 2HKO, and retaliates with a STAB Stone Edge. You've now got a dead Tornadus-T. You may be able to slap some Specs on it to maim Terrakion, but flying-resists and walls are hardly rare with Chansey, Tyranitar, Jirachi, Heatran and Rotom-W round every corner. It completely crumples to VoltTurn teams and Rotom-W and Scizor don't help its case.

People may think 'Oh, improved defences and Regenerator!' but 79/80/90 defences don't exactly scream out 'Bulky Attacker' as any super effective hit destroys it, and with Thunders, Ice Beams and Stone Edges constantly thrown around the tier, as well as the fact that either a Rotom-W or Thundurus-T is on every rain team, and Tyranitar is all over the place, this thing may have had potential, but the tier has all the Pokemon bar Zapdos that make Tornadus-T scream, and as if all that wasn't enough, sun teams are starting to see more appreciation, cutting Hurricane's accuracy and bringing Heatran along with that, and more and more viable Stealth Rock users are coming around.

This thing will pretty much only see use to get rid of Contrary Serperior when it comes out and will probably go down to UU, a tier that actually suits its needs or just in BL for the rest of B/W/2
Sure it doesn't hit as hard but it's still stronger than Dragonite on the Special Side (alot faster as well). It's not walled by Blissey and isn't a defensive failure as well and it almost negates Life Orb damage with Regenerator. Oh, that makes Stealth Rock less of a worry as well :)

Overall I think it's great. Normal Tornadus might be better with Prankster but Tornadus-T hardly needs it with great Speed!!

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