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*Tornadus-Therian serves as a solid offensive defogger for Flying teams thanks to good speed, and access to a threatening nuke with Z-Hurricane, which lets it threaten many defensive and offensive pokemon and force switches.
*In adittion, solid natural bulk combined with Regenerator lets it easily switch in and heal off weak attacks and chip damage from the likes and Scald and Stealth Rock without wasting momentum to heal itself.
*A great utility movepool in U-Turn and Knock Off lets it gain momentum off of forced switches and still be an annoyance to walls that don't care about Hurricane, such as Tyranitar, Chansey, and Celesteela.
*However, Tornadus-T's typing offers no real defensive utility for Flying, making it vulnerable to threats like Terrakion, Tapu Koko, and Greninja that the rest of the team already struggles with.
*It also is reliant on Flyinium Z to threaten many pokemon, as once it has used it its average Special Attack and inaccurate Hurricane make it much less of a consistent offensive threat.

name: Offensive Utility
move 1: Hurricane
move 2: Defog
move 3: U-Turn
move 4: Knock Off
item: Flyinium Z
ability: Regenerator
nature: timid
evs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

*Hurricane is Tornadus-Therian's strongest STAB move, dealing respectable damage to walls like Toxapex and Clefable, especially when paired with a 185-Base Power Supersonic Skystrike. It also breaks Mega Venusaur, which Flying teams can struggle with immensely.
*Defog lets it take advantage of switches it forces to prevent Flying-teams from being rapidly worn down by Stealth Rocks.
*U-Turn lets it punish switches and gain Regenerator healing, letting it act as an effective offensive pivot.
*Knock Off gives it valuable utility by removing key items of usual defensive switch-ins such as Porygon2's Eviolite and Celesteela's Leftovers.
*However, if another teammate such as Gliscor or Landorus-Therian carries Knock Off, then coverage moves can be used to suprise usual switch-ins, such as Heat Wave for Skarmory, Ferrothorn, and Scizor, or Superpower for Tyranitar, Heatran, and Chansey.

Set Details
*Max Special Attack EVs let Tornadus-Therian hit as hard as possible with Supersonice Skystrike.
*Max Speed and a Timid Nature make Tornadus-T as fast as possible, giving it many opportunities to Defog or main momentum with U-Turn. Timid is preferred over Naive or Hasty since Knock Off and U-Turn aren't meant for dealing large amounts of damage and Tornadus-T appreciates the extra bulk. However these natures should be used if Superpower is ran.
*Regenerator is a stellar ability for a pivot, letting it heal off excess damage by simply switching out. Flyinium Z give Tornadus-T access to a 100% accurate STAB nuke when it is needed to seriously damage or KO a threat.

Usage Tips
*Tornadus-T is best used to switch into weak or resisted attacks so it can stay as relatively healthy as possible throughout the match.
*Once it has switched in it can Defog hazards, remove items, or use it's Z-Move before pivoting out with U-Turn.
*It is best to not keep it in for an unnecessary amount of time against threats that wall it since Regenerator will keep it healthier when switched out sooner.
*U-Turn can be used very liberally since Flying has excellent defensive and offensive core to fall back on, however be wary of contact damage from the likes of Ferrothorn, Garchomp, and Rocky Helmet Mandibuzz.
*Be careful when using Tornadus-T's Z-Move as your opponent may try to bring in something that resists it or shrugs it off with ease.
*It is possible to predict this and use Knock Off or U-Turn instead to cripple or gain momentum off the incoming Pokemon.
*It is also important to save Tornadus-T's Z-Move for a specific pokemon like Clefable on Fairy teams or Toxapex on Water and Poison teams, so it can potentially break said threats.

Team Options
*Tornadus-Therian provides great utility against defensive and offensive teams, making it a solid choice for any Flying team.
*Zapdos can deal with bulky Water types such as Toxapex and Mantine, alleviating pressure from Tornadus-T.
*Gliscor serves as a solid Electric switch-in that can effectively stallbreak many things that Tornadus-T can't easily break, such as Chansey and Ferrothorn, as well as offensively threaten Electric types like Magnezone and Raichu-Alola.
*Landorus-Therian and Landorus are even more offensive Ground types that can punish Electric types that try to come in on it and wallbreak or gain momentum with U-Turn. Landorus-Therian especially likes Mega Venusaur being removed, which easily switches into it’s Choice Scarf sets.
*Mantine serves as a great Special blanket check for threats such as Greninja and a defensive Deffoger, forming a strong hazard removal core.
*Skarmory and Celesteela can take on Rock-types like Mega Diancie that easily switch into Tornadus-T. Skarmory can also chip threats like Muk-Alola with Stealth Rock that try to switch itno Tornadus-T, whereas Celesteela can situationally provide it with extra healing with Leech Seed.
*Mega Charizard Y applies immense offensive pressure to Steel types that Tornadus-Therian invites in, and it appreciates Tornadus-T's ability to remove Stealth Rocks and bring it in safely with U-Turn.
*Mega Aerodactyl has great offensive synergy with variants of Tornadus-T that carry Heat Wave, as Tornadus-T can pop Heatran's Air Baloon with U-Turn and then bring Mega Aerodactyl to threaten with Earthquake, while Tornadus-T handles Steel-Flying types like Skamory, as well as Mega Venusaur. Mega Aerodactyl also threatens slower Electric and Rock types like Tapu Koko and Tyranitar with Earthquake that Tornadus-T can struggle with.
*Thundurus-Therian and Dragonite can break Tornadus-T's defensive checks and appreciate Stealth Rock being off the field. Thundurus-T in particular enjoys Mega Venusaur being removed and Chansey and Porygon2 losing their Eviolites, letting it breaking Poison and Normal teams far easier.

Other Options
*Taunt is an option to make Tornadus-Therian even more efficent at keeping hazards at bay, but it is outclassed as a stallbreaker by Gliscor due to lack of immediate recovery and is hard to fit on a set.
*Life Orb or Leftovers could be used if another teammate uses a Z-Crystal, but at the cost of either longevity or breaking power. Using a Sky Plate is a decent compromise between these two and doesn't immediately give away the lack of a Z-Move.
*A spread of 76 HP / 252 SpA / 180 Spe with a Timid nature can give it a bit of additional bulk while creeping Jolly Thundurus and other base 110s.
*A broad utility and offensive movepool means an Assault Vest set is possible, but Tornadus-Therian has to give up Defog for this set, which Flying teams greatly appreciate.

Checks and Counters
**Electric-Types**: Electric types like Tapu Koko and Zapdos resist Hurricane and threaten it and the rest of the team with their STAB attacks.

**Rock-Types**: Rock types like Mega Diancie and Golem-Alola switch into most of Tornadus-T's attacks and force it out with their STAB moves, and can even relay entry hazards if they carry them.

**Steel-Types**: Steel types like Mega Scizor and Heatran can use Tornadus-T as setup fodder if it has been scouted to not be carrying Heat Wave or Superpower.

**Special Walls**: Special walls like Zapdos and Mantine typically can shrug off any of Tornadus-T's moves, though some like Celesteela and Chansey hate losing their items.

**Paralysis**: Though Tornadus-T doesn't care much about burn or poison thanks to Regenerator, paralysis severely cripples it from effectively defogging and pivoting due to decreased speed.

**Durable Hazard Setters**: Hazard setters with reliable recovery like Clefable and Cradily can outlast Tornadus-T if it's Z-Move has been used, though Confusion from Hurricane can potentially cause issues for them if they fail to use a healing move when it matters most.
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Hi Guwahavel, I hate to tell you this after you've done the work, but you need to keep the analysis in bullet points for the first two QCs. After you get 2 QCs, then you write it into paragraphs.

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