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Approved Tournament late join

Mister Tim

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continuing to nostalize with Lutra about old po tours i remebered that po server tours had abillity to join after tour started. My suggestion is to make 2^n tours with bye slots for missing players. Autodq rule will work as always, this slots will be expired in setted time. Or you can continue making same formats for tours but if we have odd number of participants you can add 1 bye slot which can be filled in.


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My idea would be a setting, such as /tour latejoin <minutes/off> that sets a timer for this mode. The mode is not completely desirable because of the limited shuffling of whoever joins when the bracket is up. Also I think you have to prevent matches being played further than Round 1 to stop a bye from playing the winner of another match. The brackets need to be adjusted for the increased size.

I think it could ceiling to 2^n by default, but otherwise take the tournament cap if there is one (assuming it's not too hard to code for adjustments to each size). It can wait x minutes while the tournament has started, before pairing the late joiners randomly into byes and new matchups, while making the necessary bracket adjustments.

This could be enhanced by freezing walkovers and replacing the disqualified/dropped-out opponents with the later joiners. Or go that route entirely and do no bracket adjusting.
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