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Approved Tournament Soft DQ (& Inactive Player Status)


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Tournament substitutions is a great addition, but there's not at the moment a great way to determine who to substitute out. I would suggest adding an additional optional parameter to /tour autodq <minutes/off> in the form of 'soft'. When the dq timer runs to 0 in this mode, it would instead of tournament removal, mark the player as being inactive (visually on the client) and ready to either disqualify or substitute out. This way, it prevents a walkover that would deny any substitution. I also believe this inactive status would help later down the line for other suggestions like sub-in waiting lists.

Edit: Or do minutes as well for the soft mode, i.e. the soft timer activates first, then the hard timer activates after the soft timer expires, and finally the hard timer expires if no dq or sub (that resets the timer) takes place.

(edited again just because I didn’t word the edit correctly)

Edit2: In fact, /tour autodq <minutes/off>, <soft/minutes> probably covers everything:
  • No second argument implies no soft dq timer, only a hard dq timer.
  • "soft" for second argument implies the first argument minutes is for a soft dq timer, without a hard dq timer.
  • First and second arguments both being minutes, implies the first one is a hard dq timer that activates following the second soft dq timer.
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