Tournament Tours Plaza Premier IV - Week 1

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Quick Announcement regarding TSAAA

With the recent AAA Bans, both Unburden and Magic Bounce have been indirectly banned in TSAAA.

For this week, this will remain legal but the TSAAA Council will make a decision by the next week.

In the meantime, please use this challenge code to play with Magic Guard and Unburden legalised.

/challenge [Gen 8] Almost Any Ability @@@Tier Shift Mod,-Tinted Lens,-Damp Rock,-Eviolite,-Heat Rock,-Light Ball,-Absol,-Arctovish,-Bellossom,-Guzzlord,-Marowak-Base,-Sneasel,-Talonflame,+Blacephalon,+Buzzwole,+Cinderace,+Darmanitan-Galar,+Dracovish,+Dragapult,+Dragonite,+Dialga,+Gengar,+Genesect,+Giratina,+Giratina-Origin,+Groudon,+Ho-Oh,+Kartana,+Keldeo,+Kyogre,+Kyurem,+Landorus,+Lugia,+Lunala,+Magearna,+Melmetal,+Necrozma-Dawn-Wings,+Noivern,+Palkia,+Reshiram,+Solgaleo,+Spectrier,+Urshifu-Base,+Urshifu-Rapid-Strike,+Victini,+Weavile,+Yveltal,+Zamazenta-Base,+Zamazenta-Crowned,+Zeraora,+Zygarde-Base,+Magic Bounce,+Unburden
That concludes the week, good games everyone!

Announcement : Since Trade opted to drop out of TPP, the Bounsweets has been given an opportunity to pick a replacement. They have selected robjr , and will continue to play for the Bounsweets from now on.

Week 2 will be posted shortly!
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