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Hello everyone, welcome to the second instalment of Tours Plaza Premiere, or TPP 2!
How can I take part in the Tournament?
- Simple, to sign up in the tournament, reply to this thread with your PS name, time zone, your preferred tiers, and any significant time you can not play. Sign ups close on Thursday August 13th at 8AM GMT, with the draft occurring the preceding Saturday, August 15th, at 6PM GMT. The signups start now, and here is a template.

PS Name: Glacierider
Timezone: GMT (UTC+1)
Preferred Tiers: OU, RUBL
Significant Time Missed? No

How will the Auction work?
- Each team has 100k points to spend on their draft of 8 players plus 2 subs minimum, with everybody on the team playing at least once. Each player starts at 3k points in the auction, with playing managers fixed at 12.5k.

What are the formats this year?
- They are the following:
- Gen 8 Stab N' Mega (Mix N' Mega + Stabmons)
- Gen 8 StAAAbmons (Almost Any Ability + Stabmons)
- Gen 8 Doubles LC
- Gen 8 Camomons Monotype rotating with Gen 5 Monotype UU
- Bo3 Gen 7 Battle Factory
- Gen 8 RUBL
- Bo3 Gens 6, 7 and 8 No Preview OU (Both players can agree to start in any gen, default is Gen 8 OU, with game 2 being loser's choice.)
- Gen 8 National Dex Same Six

Who are the managers and teams?

:heatmor: Heatmor Chicken | Managers: Karl Dude Guy , Shadowmonstr4
:absol: Absolute Absolposters | Managers: The Number Man , GΔCT (Best Gal)
:roselia: Verdanturf Town Roselia | Managers: trace , Poison Adhesive
:snom:Snowpoint Snoms | Managers: micoytancinco12 , Velvet Blood
:scrafty:Skypiea Scrafties | Managers: (StitchTheGlaceon) , saba1111
:cinderace:Cinnabar Cinderaces | Managers: DanDaMan99 , Acselsior13
:latios: Draco Droppers | Managers: temp , APW001 (MalMoonsault)
:Frosmoth: Full Moon Frosmoths | Managers: frostyicelad , Elgino10


Activity Calls

Make contact with your opponents! Every season we have to make activity calls that displease one party member. To prevent this, post a VM on their Smogon wall to try to set a date for the battle. If you do this via any other medium, save logs and screenshots so that in the event of an activity call, you get it to go your way. Leave time zones, preferred time to play, and be specific. No activity calls will be made if neither team's players or managers post about it, so take initiative on that.

Dead Games

In the event that a game is not played and neither teams post for an activity call, it will be deemed a dead game, which means that the game will be taken as to not exist. This will also be the case if an activity post is made but neither players showed a satisfactory level of activity. Schedule properly to not let these occur!

What if there is a tie?

As this will only come into effect in playoffs, for the majority of the tournament, this will not matter and the result will be noted as a tie. In playoffs, should a tie happen between 2 teams, there will be a ninth game played, being Gen 6 Inverse.

Prizes on offer:
Awarded to the top 2 best performing players of the winning team will be a nomination for Voice in both Tournaments and Tours Plaza. In addition, those who show great presence in their team discords may also be nominated, at managers discretion.

I hope everybody enjoys the tournament, and we look forward to talking to you all in Tours Plaza!
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PS Name: icemaster523
Timezone: GMT+1 (BST)
Preferred Tiers: Gen 7 Battle Factory,
Significant Time Missed? I won't want to start, I won't build, I probably won't be able to be active/put any real time commitment into this tour unfortunately (hence the tier choice where I won't have to build)
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PS Name: Ainzcrad
Timezone: GMT +2
Preferred Tiers: Peeps bullied me to put tiers so Stab mnm stAAAbmons Camo Mono Doubles Lc are my prefered tiers i can play the rest aswell if u really want me to tho
Significant Time missed? I only have work from 6 pm till max 2 am on monday wednesday friday saturday outside of that nope

:absol: about to return
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