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Alright so I've been testing various race dance teams. With some pretty good OU's but I think I found something usual that works in the current meta. It's called trick room drizzle or shower room. This kinda build is great. Most of the meta that's being currently played has a way to plus in speed, or is a strong team of sweepers. Adding bulk to this team is important. It allows you to take a hit n set up what you have to. There's a fair amount of plays on this team to match most of the meta. Such as salanmance, Garchomp, lopunny, scizor, and just a bunch of other stuff. But you do have to watch your steps with this kinda build.
Let me break down the team for you all.

Politoed is basically the staple in rain dance teams, due to th fact that it's the only Pokemon with the drizzle ability. It's quite bulky and has a fairly high special atk. The goal is basically to make safe switches from fire types on to politoed. So the rain reduces fire damage and your 2x resistance kicks in. Making it a tough wall to get by. For the following turn it sits up a scald + damage from the rain and a chance at burn. Plus this Pokemon is the right amount of slow your team would need in a trickroom. Most of the time I was able to get some badass scalds or ice beams on stuff like landorous, glisgore, or scizor. Which did damage. If they switched into something bulky then perish song is your next tool.

Iv:252 def/252 special atk/4 hp
Perish song
Ice beam

Aw man maractus. I remember when my friend first showed it to me. I wanted to play it so bad. So when I did get my hands on the Pokemon I decided to go with a psychical wall. It's not the mostly bulkiest wall but on a trick room or sometimes on steel pokemon it gets the job done. Keep in mind there is a sub option for you to go into for some seeds or spikes plays.

Nature: Bold
IV:252 HP/252 Def/4 Special atk
Item: rocky helmet
Gigs drain
Leech seed

Bronzong! Ha my favorite Pokemon from the 4th gen. He's always been IMO the best hazard settle. With a very high physical def and levitate. It makes a perfect switch from stuff like Garchomp or hippodawn. Has the reflect option as an easy one of. This makes the trick room play even better knowing their sweepers can't just one shot you. Also I carry explode because that on trickroom is Beast when their not using a prio move.

IV:252 Def/252 Sdef/4 HP
Item: rocky helmet
Trick room
Stealth rock

Noivern is a strange Pokemon in a trickroom team due to the fact that he's one of the fastest in this gen. He's still key thou. Whenever drizzle is up he can come in and deliver a powerful hurricane. It has stab damage plus choice specs. With hazards and at around 60 percent it take out ferrothorn. Or it has a nice flame thrower option that allows it to one shot ferrothorn. There's a List of maybe 4 dragon type Pokemon that can fall victim to him. One being Garchomp. Can't really think of anyone else thu. But I know it comes as a hard check at times

Nature: timid
IV's:252 S atk/252spd/4HP
Item: choice specs
Draco meteor
Flame thrower
Boom burst

This build to ampharos is very strange. Just because I'm using weird moves like thunder and electric terrain. So I'm sure you guys know about ampharos weak speed. The trick is to put him in the trick room. I one time got to sit real Cosey under a trick room drizzle and electric terrain going on. A bonus for the thunder nation. Thunder hits for 100 then gets a stab bonus plus anything the ampharosite might give him. On a safe switch under trick room the option of using HP ice become a luxury epically being able to beat a lando.

Nature: Bold
IV's:252 SAtk/252 Sdef/4 HP
Dragon pulse
Electric terrain
Hidden power ice

This guy is my favorite utility of the game. As bulky as he is he can help get rid of most fighting types. Through one trick room and maybe a will o wisp. After that curse starts becoming spamable n pain split becomes their worst nightmare. Usually you wanna try making this guy last by staying away from the curse button but if you time it right it could be disaster. Simply a beautiful pokemn to use

Nature: Bold
IV's:252 def/252Sdef/4HP
Item: Leftovers
Trick room
Will o wisp

Anyways feel free to leave any comments or advise at the bottom thanks ;)

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