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Pokemon Trivia ended up happening an hour late (6-7 PM EST), but it was a lot of fun, and highly competitive. Here are the final scores:

~~~~ Scoreboard ~~~~
elevatormusic: 10
shnen: 9
treecko37: 9
sawsbuck: 8
dogfish44: 7
smashbrosbrawl: 6
jdarden: 6
jelandee: 5
zony11: 3
who: 2
ashley: 1
starline: 1
lexie: 1
doctorcocoa: 1
sanguine: 1
qwilphish: 1
meleemewtwo: 1

Congrats to elevator_music for the win and to shnen and Treecko37 for a very close 2nd place finish!

We'll post the questions that were used shortly; we got through 40 of them, which is a pretty good amount.

Question 1: What is the only Pokemon with a single Base Stat exceeding the combined total of its other Base Stats?
Question 2: What is the only pokemon that can learn Ember and Water Gun by level up?
Question 3: Name any two of the four pokemon whose English name is derived from Greek mythology. (Note: I accepted two answers I hadn't thought of, so I guess it's six pokemon, not four :D)
Question 4: Name the only non-Dragon-type Pokemon that can learn Dragon Rush by level-up.
Question 5: Name the six types that (as of Gen 5) cannot hit any existing Pokemon for a 4x weakness.
Question 6: Which six moves can hit a Pokemon in the middle of Bounce, Fly, and Sky Drop?
Question 7: It is speculated that these two Pokemon have never appeared in the anime because of an incident that caused Japanese children to experience seizures.
Question 8: Which Pokemon could only learn Will-O-Wisp by breeding and not by TM in GenIV?
Question 9: Which 4 main series games share the first letter of their name with the first letter of their Pokemon mascot?
Question 10: Suppose a Pokemon with Harvest knows Recycle and is holding a Salac Berry. In a best-case scenario, how many times can the Salac Berry be used in one turn?
Question 11: If a Super Luck Absol is holding Razor Claw and uses Night Slash, what is the chance a critical hit will occur?
Question 12: Consider that Magic Room is active already when you switch in a Choice Scarf Pokemon. You use move A, then move B, then move C. What move are you locked into when Magic Room wears off?
Question 13: Which Pokemon learn the least number of moves by any means?
Question 14: Name the five Abilities that grant immunity to sandstorm damage.
Question 15: Name the five non-Flying-type moves that can target non-adjacent Pokemon in Triple Battles.
Question 16: Which two non-legendary Fighting-type Pokemon have the highest base Special Defense?
Question 17: Which Fire-type Pokemon has the highest base Defense?
Question 18: Which Ice-type Pokemon has the highest base HP?
Question 19: Which non-legendary Fire-type Pokemon has the highest base Special Defense?
Question 20: Which poison type has the highest base attack?
Question 21: Name the eight moves that are disabled by Gravity.
Question 22: Name all of Brock's Pokemon that aren't Rock-types.
Question 23: Which gendered Pokemon are too ugly to learn Attract (not including any who are incapable of learning TM moves)?
Question 24: How many Pokemon are incapable of learning any moves from TM or HM?
Question 25: What is the first Psychic-type Pokemon in National Pokedex order?
Question 26: What is the first Dark-type Pokemon in National Pokedex order?
Question 27: Name the only non-Dark-type Pokemon that can have the Ability Pickpocket.
Question 28: Name the only fully evolved, non-Poison-type Pokemon that can learn Poison Gas.
Question 29: Which region's Pokemon League has only one known Champion?
Question 30: How many moves could Gengar learn by level-up in Gen 1?
Question 31: Name the only non-Fire-type Pokemon that can learn Fire Spin by level-up.
Question 32: Name the only non-Flying-type Pokemon that can learn Brave Bird by level-up.
Question 33: Name the only Fighting-type Pokemon that can learn Brine.
Question 34: Name the four moves that have been taught by HM05 over the course of the series.
Question 35: Which three Pokemon were previously human?
Question 36: What two moves used to build Rage in Generation I?
Question 37: Name the only non-Flying-type Pokemon that can learn Roost by level-up.
Question 38: Name the only non-Water-type Pokemon that can learn Aqua Jet by level-up.
Question 39: Name the only Pokemon that can learn Volt Switch by level-up.
Question 40: Name the only non-Ghost-type Pokemon that can learn Spite by level-up.

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