Let's Play! Twitch Plays Pokemon

That match with Maxie was pretty intense. One of the streams highlights

Surprised they didnt fall down the ledges right of Lavaridge Town tbh. But more than made up for it in the gym


Alas poor Yorick!
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This run has been hilariously bad for anyone paying even a moderate amount of attention.

Sidney just destroys the team with Swagger + DT, Phoebe using Grudge Banette ruins the Rollout PP, Rollout in general has caused a lv 100 Azumarill to lose to Flygon so many times it's not funny.

We finally have a decent team level and we backtracked all the way to MT PYRE just to level up the weakest two and get Shadow Ball TM. Even then I just saw Azumarill lose to Walrein and hail damage. ADV AI is no joke, and it's just gonna get worse from here. I'm not even sure if we've ever gotten to Wallace.

We just lost nothing to Sideny in this last run though so this might actually go well.

ALSO DAMN THE POKEDEX: It somehow does enough frames of animation to always skip the b spam and pick the next a, it's psychotic I tell you!
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Well they managed to get on Wonder Trade and legit got an Omanyte spitback called Lady Helix...
As someone's who watched the first five hours of the stream and tuned in occasionally afterwards, I can state that this is false. Before wi-fi was disabled, passersby intentionally asked TPP to trade, and through there, one person traded Lady Helix. Other passersby traded another Omanyte named Lord Helix, a Honedge, and a shiny Beldum. Not once was Wonder Trade used.


I think that the decision to disable wi-fi takes the air out of what would be a fresh addition to TPP. I generally agreed with allowing only passersby to contact the player character, since each passerby would be someone with a different motive. Allowing friends and acquaintances gives the player character a constant source of help, potentially trivializing the run, while passersby who wanted to trade or battle would give TPP unique events and experiences in a system that's been dulled by coordination, running gags, and predictability. I know that O-Powers can be used from friends and acquaintances even though interaction is disabled, but I figure that they'll be marginalized later in the game when powers such as HP Restoring Power Level 1 will not amount to a full heal every turn. Without wi-fi, is there anything that makes this run different than previous ones, or would I just be watching something closer to a slow walkthrough?
On their Pokémon Stadium 2 games, just had one where Eevee knew both Shadow Ball and Sand-Attack, and it was against Magcargo. Probably thinking they were on the other team, some people on Blue picked Take Down and it was used three times. Lost that battle.