Typing Reference - A Spreadsheet (Updated for Sun/Moon)


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I was planning on making a thread for this earlier but never had the time/patience for it. So here's a little background for what this is. Just make a copy of the spreadsheet in the file menu to change it yourself.

Link to spreadsheet

Let's start with some simple 'What it does' and 'What it doesn't do' for the spreadsheet in regards to the CAP process as a whole - and why I spent the time to make the damn thing in the first place.

What it does:
  • Takes the type you want to look at and pulls up a list of resistances and weaknesses to every pokemon in the OU metagame.
  • Further compiles a list of potential checks and counters based on typing. How I defined a check or counter based on typing is below this section.
  • Allows for extra entries in to the OU list - if you think Dunsparce is a massive threat in OU, you can add that.
  • Allows for extra type immunity abilities in the same manner - This mostly is irrelevant but it's there, so that's nice. Wonder Guard is special and doesn't exist.
What it doesn't do
  • Factor in anything that doesn't directly relate to typing. If it isn't a pokemon type, this spreadsheet doesn't care about it.
  • Have the power of game knowledge. Even though it SAYS Gengar checks a Grass/Dragon, it doesn't know that Gengar has the defenses of a garden gnome. Therefore, it's best used in conjunction with other references (Like your brain)

How to use it
This spreadsheet really, really hand-holdy. Just enter your typing in the yellow box and it'll update itself. Just add a new Pokemon in the OUTypeList page at the bottom and the rest of the sheet will update itself.

How checks and counters are defined

A Pokemon is considered a check against CAP's Typing if the following is true:
  1. The Pokemon resists one of CAP's STABs.
  2. The Pokemon has a super effective STAB against CAP.
  1. The Pokemon counters CAP.
A Pokemon is considered a counter against CAP's Typing if the following is true:
  1. The Pokemon resists both of CAP's STABs.
  2. The Pokemon has at least one neutrally effective STAB against CAP.

Okay. So that about wraps up me spewing out 'hey how do you use this' part of the post. Let's get to the next section of the post, the 'hey why did you make this' part.

So why did I spend like, 3 days making a spreadsheet that a lot of people will probably just not even bother using? Here's the simple reason - I'm lazy. I don't like doing this stuff by hand. Also, spreadsheets are cool.

Here's the long reason - Typing Discussion is right off the bat one of the most complicated parts of the CAP process. It arguably is the most important part of the whole project, and deserves a godamn spreadsheet. Do you know how hard it is to figure out what type is good for a project without missing like 3-4 different things that the type has that actually set the concept farther back? Well, if you've been around for a project or two you do and you should. This spreadsheet is supposed to help with just that - getting past the gunk that comes with typing discussion. So, now if you remember to consider Keldeo, Thundurus, and Skarmory, you won't forget to consider the other 90% of the metagame! Yay! Pretty great, huh?


Now I don't think I've forgotten to dump anything else in this post - and I'll do my best to answer any questions anyone has about the spreadsheet. Also, if you have anything else you want me add to the spreadsheet, I can do that. This is how I spend my free time apparently so if there's something that's worth adding, I'll do it. Furthermore, if you find a bug, tell me. If you find a typo, tell me. That's about it. Happy Spreadsheeting!
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I'm doing rounds on a lot of my tools and stuff I've made on the website, this one included. I've updated the OU list to reflect the current metagame as of 2/29/16, and I've added a counter to the 'checks' and 'counters' lists, so now you can see how many 'mons your typing counters and checks.

  • Add a usage statistic lookup page so that I can do cool stuff
  • Make the spreadsheet do the cool stuff
  • Abuse move usage statistics for opponent coverage moves, work on redefining checks and counters to reflect this
  • finish the other 8 projects I've had in the back pocket of my pants for the last 6 months
When the next CAP comes around, I'll probably do another update here. Feel free to bother me with questions/comments/problems as necessary.
Epic reference tool! Is there any way that it could ever factor in immunity/resistance abilities though, like Flash Fire or Heatproof?
Hey, great spreadsheet!
I took a few minutes to update the list of OU Pokemon, also adding all existing CAP's since CAP22 is build for the CAP Meta.
Is there a way I can get you the updated spreadsheet or do you want to do that yourself at some point?


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I got you fam gimmie like 5 minutes and I'll just do it myself

Edit: Done. Updated with the thing with the things and now we have CAPmons in the base spreadsheet. Not looking forward to doing one for a different metagame if that ever becomes a thing.

Edit 2: Ye just forgot bolt absorb on caw. Fixing
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Just checked it: doesn't Cawmodore also get Volt Absorb? Or is the ability to rare to factor it in? (don't think so)

I can feel ya, I looked a bit into how you have done that. It would be possible to extend the Sheet for other Tiers, but it would be a lot of work behind it.
It somehow catches my interest to do it lol.


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This has been updated for S/M CAP metagame as of 8/17/17! Yay tools!

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