Tyranitar Cup: Round 1

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co-hosted with Finchinator and soviet

This tournament will be a team tournament where each team is comprised of three players; the format will be ADV OU, DPP OU, and BW OU, which happens to be the same as the format of seasons 11-16 of Smogon Tour. Moreover, teams will need 1 player for each of ADV OU, DPP OU, and BW OU. Ideally, we get at least 32 teams and every team will be put into an unseeded bracket that the entire tournament will run through from round 1 until the finals.

ROUND 1 PAIRINGS (each match is best of one):

Deadline is Sunday, December 17th @11:59pm EST!!

no team name4 vs. #overused
ADV OU: Drud vs. Mael
DPP OU: tjdaas vs. 6A9 Ace Matador
BW OU: ReshiRampage vs. BKC

MemePL vs. no team name5
ADV OU: Obliviate vs. Melle2402
DPP OU: qwily vs. Hassin627
BW OU: bluri vs. Casparov

Charlie's Angels vs. SpDy
ADV OU: Wamr vs. e7e
DPP OU: Miere vs. Century Express
BW OU: Gochan vs. Meloriver

ADV OU: We Three Kings vs. -okara
DPP OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs. The Kyle
BW OU: Luigi vs. Staraptor

Team CWL vs. 2 7 0 toujours plus haut
ADV OU: Trace vs. Oibaf
DPP OU: Hamhamhamham vs. Unamed
BW OU: Blazenix vs. Exiline

End Game vs. 3 Nazio e una gamba
ADV OU: CyberOdin vs. Not Troller
DPP OU: Arch€r vs. H.M.N.I.P
BW OU: -PkmTrainerBlue- vs. HQuaze

2 gays 1 homo vs. Smack City
ADV OU: Hyogafodex vs. CZ.
DPP OU: Spl4sh vs. BaSr
BW OU: A Hero's Destiny vs. The Hallows

Team Los pezones de Monaka vs. Slurmz is Good And Youshouldrespecthim
ADV OU: LitoS9 vs. byronthewellwell [Activity win]
DPP OU: Ranshiin vs. Googly
BW OU: Britania vs. Reje

ADV OU: undisputed vs. Kingler12345
DPP OU: jacob vs. Christo
BW OU: Lavos vs. Arifeen

Old Gen Tyrants vs. anal geek+goons
ADV OU: Cowboy Dan vs. Espeonage.
DPP OU: Colonel M vs. analysis geek
BW OU: Skeptics vs. Djokra

L'onore vs. TFW no goth gyaru weeb gf
ADV OU: DDarken vs. Stockings
DPP OU: Ilsolitostronzo vs. HSOWA
BW OU: ItsBaku vs. Whitewash

Team Old School vs. 94 where
ADV OU: Posho vs. Kory2600
DPP OU: SOMALIA vs. Corazan..
BW OU: Z+V vs. Simia

WTE (Worse Team Ever) vs. Los hermanos
ADV OU: Acsel vs. BlazingDark
DPP OU: Magellan vs. Mindnight
BW OU: AAamen vs. Givrix

Team: MemeLORDS vs. The Chad Earthquakes
ADV OU: GrilloF vs. Tokyo Tom
DPP OU: Dayaiok vs. Triangles
BW OU: AndresTL vs. Void

Los players de Jesucristopher vs. FIRST
ADV OU: Shinigami vs. PasY_G
DPP OU: Luispeikou vs. Fakes
BW OU: Lycans vs. eren

Banana Meteorito vs. The ultimate son of a bitch
ADV OU: Destiny Device vs. k3nan
DPP OU: Tatsumaa vs. Tom0410
BW OU: Rewer vs. Rokhan

no team name6 vs. The Worst Ones
ADV OU: hyperbeem vs. Zokuru
DPP OU: blast95 vs. Raspberry
BW OU: MiyoKa vs. Teclis

buttnut123 vs. Listen Up (greatest Oasis song)
ADV OU: ggggd vs. p2
DPP OU: Shrug vs. Algeria4Ever
BW OU: Dundies vs. KyogreF4N

button mashing enthusiasts vs. Els Imparablas
ADV OU: HNBL vs. Garay oak
DPP OU: kushal00 vs. Real FV13
BW OU: Serene's Grace vs. Der Schweinsteiger [Coinflip win]

US West B Team vs. TNT
ADV OU: UD vs. TheLaughingCats
DPP OU: z0mOG vs. Noveliss
BW OU: psychicmewtwo vs. tigers jaw

Team 'PP > Smogon' vs. Thinking Birds
ADV OU: Lord Ninjax vs. CrashinBoomBang
DPP OU: Deluks917 vs. TDK
BW OU: Steven Snype vs. McMeghan

4DD Scrafty ftw vs. Free W
ADV OU: Highways vs. Luthier
DPP OU: perry vs. lightning1870
BW OU: Askov vs. MJ

dodriobrate vs. no team name1
ADV OU: Earthworm vs. Stan Soojung
DPP OU: HSA vs. crayon pop
BW OU: elodin vs. dice

I want something else to get me through this semicharmed kinda life baby baby vs. The Crew
ADV OU: Alexander. vs. Contact
DPP OU: obii vs. Mur
BW OU: teal6 vs. 3017

The Homosexuals vs. cb jose altuve
ADV OU: Sealette vs. Sam
DPP OU: imsosorrylol vs. Groudon.
BW OU: insult vs. ULTRA MEEPS

no team name2 vs. no praj no peace
ADV OU: SiTuM vs. ez
DPP OU: PQD vs. praj.pran
BW OU: Xjckillerx vs. xray

the breadsticks christmas carol tour vs. Frozone
ADV OU: dekzeh vs. Flares.
DPP OU: Stone_Cold vs. konstantin03
BW OU: steelskitty vs. Blightbringer

:2cancer: vs. ohgs
ADV OU: Lfrs vs. antemortem
DPP OU: Drax. vs. Reverb
BW OU: Brazilian Army vs. starry blanket

Free Agents Free Wins vs. Mrs Macron
ADV OU: The Idiot Ninja vs. zugubu royale
DPP OU: -herO- vs. Vodoom
BW OU: Akiko Yosano vs. KevinELF

wlw vs. no team name3
ADV OU: ceraa vs. I'm Rick Pickle
DPP OU: Vore Gidal vs. LL
BW OU: delik vs. KingKdot

ADV OU: Gilbert arenas vs. Camicio
DPP OU: NightFox vs. Roseybear
BW OU: Bushtush vs. W2S

lol vs. Die Drei Musketiere
ADV OU: Eden's Embrace vs. DragonKnightmaster
DPP OU: Analytic vs. Za Meowdo
BW OU: TSR vs. Leru
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Just to clarify, ez said he will play despite not having agreed to team beforehand.

This has happened twice now (actually ask people before posting your signup!!!!), so if you've been paired despite not actually agreeing, send me a VM and I'll remove you from the pairings.
yo what the FUCK?

I said my team was

team: dodriobrate
RSE: Earthworm
BW: elodin

why the FUCK is eo there? Finchinator can you fix this please

IDK what you guys are doing exactly but should be fine now; just ask people to play before signing up. Also, Finch told me you wanted Eo in BW and you shifted to ADV earlier when Earthworm informed me he did not agree to play. I'll change it back since seems everyone wants to play now.
[3:27 AM] lotuspirare: ,
[3:27 AM] lotuspirare: ok
[3:27 AM] lotuspirare: i told the host to put me back in

so now it's my fault the hosts don't know how to convince my teammates to play for me? lol if I posted a lineup then stick to it breh, or at least contact me before tagging eo in my team. altho I do like this matchup of eo vs dice so maybe I'll change my team to the 2nd formation after all. hold up.
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