Tyranitar Cup: Round 2

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co-hosted with Finchinator and soviet

Tyranitar Cup is a team tournament where each team is comprised of three players; the format is ADV OU, DPP OU, and BW OU, which happens to be the same as the format of seasons 11-16 of Smogon Tour. Three-man teams will duke it out in a single elimination bracket until one team is crowned the most powerful wielder of Tyranitar.

  • All formats follow the standard Smogon ruleset. All respective banlists, clauses, rulings, etc. apply.
  • All matches are best of 1.
  • Scheduling should be done through VM correspondence so scheduling attempts are visible to the hosts should activity claims be posted.
  • Replays are not required in win posts (but are cool!!!!).


Deadline is Thursday, December 28th @11:59pm EST!!

Thinking Birds vs. 2 gays 1 homo
ADV OU: CrashinBoomBang vs. Hyogafodex
DPP OU: TDK vs. Spl4sh
BW OU: McMeghan vs. A Hero's Destiny

anal geek+goons vs. Slurmz is Good And Youshouldrespecthim
ADV OU: Espeonage. vs. byronthewellwell
DPP OU: analysis geek vs. Googly
BW OU: Djokra vs. Reje

US West B Team vs. Team America
ADV OU: UD vs. Gilbert arenas
DPP OU: z0mOG vs. NightFox
BW OU: psychicmewtwo vs. Bushtush

The Homosexuals vs. The Chad Earthquakes
ADV OU: Sealette vs. Tokyo Tom
DPP OU: imsosorrylol vs. Triangles
BW OU: insult vs. Void

GAY COLISEUM vs. 4DD Scrafty ftw
ADV OU: Kingler12345 vs. Highways
DPP OU: Christo vs. perry
BW OU: Arifeen vs. Askov

vs. #overused
ADV OU: We Three Kings vs. mael
DPP OU: Jimmy Turtwig vs. 6A9 Ace Matador
BW OU: Luigi vs. BKC

no praj no peace vs. Free Agents Free Wins
ADV OU: ez vs. The Idiot Ninja
DPP OU: praj.pran vs. -herO-
BW OU: xray vs. Akiko Yosano

dodriobrate vs. wlw
ADV OU: Earthworm vs. ceraa
DPP OU: HSA vs. Vore Gidal
BW OU: elodin vs. delik

ohgs vs. Charlie's Angels
ADV OU: antemortem vs. Wamr
DPP OU: Reverb vs. Miere
BW OU: starry blanket vs. Gochan

no team name6 vs. WTE (Worse Team Ever)
ADV OU: hyperbeem vs. Acsel
DPP OU: blast95 vs. Magellan
BW OU: MiyoKa vs. AAamen

3 Nazio e una gamba vs. MemePL
ADV OU: Heroic Troller vs. Obliviate
DPP OU: H.M.N.I.P vs. qwily
BW OU: HQuaze vs. bluri

The ultimate son of a bitch vs. Team Old School
ADV OU: k3nan vs. Posho
DPP OU: Tom0410 vs. SOMALIA
BW OU: Rokhan vs. Z+V

Team CWL vs. the breadsticks christmas carol tour
ADV OU: Trace vs. dekzeh
DPP OU: Hamhamhamham vs. Stone_Cold
BW OU: Blazenix vs. steelskitty

Els Imparablas vs. Listen Up (greatest Oasis song)
ADV OU: Garay oak vs. p2
DPP OU: Real FV13 vs. Algeria4Ever
BW OU: Der Schweinsteiger vs. KyogreF4N

The Crew vs. FIRST
ADV OU: Contact vs. PasY_G
DPP OU: Mur vs. Fakes
BW OU: 3017 vs. eren

lol vs. TFW no goth gyaru weeb gf
ADV OU: Eden's Embrace vs. Stockings
DPP OU: Analytic vs. HSOWA
BW OU: TSR vs. Whitewash

If there are any mistakes as far as pairings go (like your ADVer is your BWer or I gave you the wrong teammate), feel free to VM me or post here.
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Banned deucer.
Contact and me might need an extension, he didnt wanna play until now and doesnt have time until the 24th and that day is kinda meh
Contact and me might need an extension, he didnt wanna play until now and doesnt have time until the 24th and that day is kinda meh
It isn't that I didn't want to play until then I literally could only play on Monday this week but I didn't see round 2 go up until he messaged me Monday on discord, and I didn't have a team ready to play then and am busy the rest of the week until the 24th(i'm going out of town with no internet access). dk Can we please get an extension(till the day after Christmas maybe?)
@ above

I'll probably just extend the entire deadline since lots of people are busy with traveling to visit family/general holiday stuff. I'll talk to my co-hosts to iron out specifics, but yeah don't worry about the deadline stuff---got you covered.


Banned deucer.
Lol you dont have to defend yourself that hard when i already asked for an extension since i actually wanna play
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